INTERVIEW: Kristine of Curated Dry Goods

I am so excited for this interview with one of my oldest friends and one of the most talented, interesting people I have ever met. Kristine and I have been friends since middle school and grew close through our most awkward pre-teen years, that’s how you know a friendship is real. We have stayed in touch over the years, even after I moved to Ohio from Florida. She has always been artistic and talented (I still think about her beautiful handwriting and lettering that I gushed over when we were teenagers). She now uses painting as a therapeutic outlet and sells her gorgeous prints, office supplies and postcards on her website You have to check them out! The vibrant colors and patterns will be the perfect touch to your walls.

How did you begin your painting journey?

I began painting as a form of therapy. I struggle with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. A couple of years ago, I picked up painting and yoga as a way to express myself and cope. I call it movement medicine 😄. It has brought me a sense of happiness and healing that I desperately needed and I've been doing both ever since!

Your citrus paintings are incredible, is that a theme you plan on continuing with?

Thank you! I grew up in Florida with an orange tree in my backyard, so it's just something that stuck with me and that I enjoy painting. You can't be unhappy painting oranges! I want my art to be uplifting and bright, and oranges remind me of home. I definitely think they'll always be a part of my work in one way or another.

Where do you seek inspiration from?

My mom is an avid gardener with the greenest thumb ever, so I grew up around lush gardens and exotic plants. I love walking with her through her garden to see and smell what's in bloom. I was lucky enough to see my grandmother's coconut farm when I traveled to the Philippines and it was palm trees as far as the eye could see. I still look at the pictures I took when I visited. Florida sunsets are pretty great, too.

What big plans do you have for Curated Dry Goods future?

😂 I just felt a tightening in my chest. I'm not much of a planner 🤷🏽‍♀️. Right now, I am focusing on paper products - prints and postcards. I'd like to design fabric someday, but for now, paper products are all I can wrap my head around!

Who is your biggest influence?

NASA Astronauts!

You have a background in fashion, is that something you tap into with your vibrant pattern paintings?

Working in fashion and beauty has taught me to edit, edit, edit. I do have to balance wanting to express myself freely (no edits) and creating something other people will actually like or resonate with (a lot of edits). Most of what I make for Curated Dry Goods falls somewhere in between. 

What is your favorite music to listen to while painting?

I actually have reality TV playing in the background when I'm painting way more often than music, which probably says a lot about me! Anything on Bravo is right up my alley.

What advice do you have for someone beginning their painting journey?

Just like with writing, get it all out on paper or on the canvas, and edit later. If Jackson Pollock never picked up a brush until he knew what he was going to paint, he never would've painted anything. (That's from Ex Machina.)

If you're like me, and art is therapeutic for you, keep doing it even when you doubt yourself. The day will come when you'll be glad you kept going.

Any reference books you recommend?

Go to thrift stores or used bookstores and pick up encyclopedias or nature guides. I think it's fun to start with a very technical illustration or photo and put your spin on it.

How can people find your work to purchase?

Find me on Instagram @curateddrygoods where you can find links to my store and see what I'm working on. You can purchase prints at or email me at for custom work. I am always open to new projects

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