FRIDAY FAVES: 9/21/2018

It’s finally the weekend! Just have to make it through ONE more work day. So, here’s a little fun while you’re waiting for the clock to strike “Quittin’ Time.” If you are interested in what we are interested in this week, click the image to be brought directly to its website. Here we go!


I think we can all say that we knew Cazzie was officially the coolest as soon as she posted “Been in Africa, what'd I miss?” on her first Instagram post addressing Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind engagement. Cazzie is SO much more than being Pete’s ex, or Larry David’s daughter. I just rewatched (for the fourth time) her web series 86d. They are short episodes following a girl dealing with a recent breakup. I think that we have all been Cazzie at one point, and watching her navigate her new reality is one of the most brilliantly written pieces of comedy that I have seen in the long time.

This season’s Serial podcast is based in our hometown, Cleveland. They are reporting on the justice system as a whole by using examples of a normal town in middle America. So far, fascinating.

I have watched Lennon Stella grow up on the wholesome yet dramatic evening soap opera Nashville. Which, by the way, if you have not watched: why? The stories are so intriguing, and even the villains really are not that terrible. It’s just an all around satisfying watch. You’re kind of rooting for everyone - especially icon Connie Britton as big haired “Queen of Country” Rayna James. Anyway, now that Nashville has been canceled (still having a hard time with that), Lennon is working on her own music and her voice is incredible. This release is a pop song, but is such an ear worm. Even Walter is singing it in the shower.

One of my country music loves is Kacey Musgraves. Caroline and I are trying to take an overnight trip for our combined birthdays (we are both Aquarius, less than two weeks apart) to go see Kacey. Even Caroline’s daughter, Grace, knows all of the words to her songs. Kacey has incredible style, and she worked with Lucchese to design a few styles of cowboy boot. I LOVE these - the Gallop style - and think that I need them before Walter and I move to Nashville in the next couple of years so that I can fit right into our new neighborhood.

I have been dying for a new bed. Walter, who is insanely tall, and I share a full sized bed and it’s ridiculous. Whenever we get our new mattress (which, do you guys have recommendations for a great mattress? Preferably organic?) I desperately want one of these Rattan Peacock headboards to match the rest of our boho decor vibe.


I am dyinggg for this backpack. It is like a company took all of my needs as a mom, photographer and graphic designer and put them all together into this backpack. There is a laptop sleeve in the back, a big opening at the top that I could put baby items and then a special side access pocket for a camera. Oh and it is also so stylish and the most beautiful walnut colored leather.

I have been trying to make an effort to watch more critically acclaimed movies that I have heard of but have never seen. Instead of re-watching Friends or The Office for the 8 BILLIONTH time. I watched Shutter Island a few weeks ago and last night was A Beautiful Mind. It was so incredible and I completely understand why it won so many awards. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try! It’s on Netflix right now.

I was all over town today looking for a new wall mirror for our dining room (since ours came crashing down off the wall at midnight and shattered all over the floor UGH). While at World Market my sister pointed out this candle that she also has. It smells INCREDIBLE. So I left with the candle, a bag of asiago peppercorn cheese puffs…and no mirror.

Also, when I was at World Market I came across this beautiful slate green enamel cast iron pan. I adore my dutch oven and wonder how I would like a frying pan version. Anyone have any experience using an enamel skillet? Let me know what you think!

I LOVE this DIY project from Studio DIY. I also saw on A Beautiful Mess they did a fall color version that was adorable! God knows I have enough yarn in my attic from old craft projects that I could probably make this right now.

Check back next week for more of our favorites! Happy weekend, dolls!

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