Fiberglass Zoo + Safe Exploring

I love exploring a roadside attraction. It is one of my favorite things in the entire world to do! As soon as I found out that Walter loves it just as much as I do, it further cemented that we were meant to be. And we have gone on a TON of adventures together seeking them out ever since!

Once we had Finn, my exploring had to go on the back burner. There's the mandatory eight weeks of isolation before vaccines, then winter, then trying to figure out how to balance working from home with a baby that just wants to squirm and crawl and roll and be held all of the time. I have felt like I can't go anywhere, see anyone, do anything and it's been a little rough. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with Finn, but it's hard to have a shift in your routine like that.


Then, the pandemic hit. It's been so scary to do anything. We immediately bought 6 weeks' worth of supplies and parked it at home. We have no visitors. We essentially have turned our home into a well-oiled bunker. I already work from home and now Walter does, too. But I was going crazy staying inside and still wanted to exercise and get fresh air as some spring weather shows itself here and there. So, I made a strict set of guidelines for us to follow so that we can still get outside and enjoy ourselves while being responsible and safe.

They are as follows:

1) ONLY go places that are outdoors and don't go if there are people. I have shown up somewhere thinking that it would be empty and then there are other people there and we turn right around and go home. It is not worth it. The only exceptions to this are places like the beach where there is maybe one family far away from us. We are taking social distancing SUPER seriously. Touch nothing when you're outside of the car.

2) Carry hand sanitizer/Clorox wipes/vinyl gloves for getting gas in the car.

3) Come home and strip all of my clothes immediately. Wash my hands. Wipe down Finn's carseat including handles, buckles, anything that I might have touched inadvertently with hands not washed with soap and water. Wash my hands again. Then get him out of his carseat and strip his clothes.

4) Showers for everyone. No sitting on any furniture, no lingering.

5) Wipe down every surface we touched on the way in. Wipe out my car, car door handles, house door handles, garage door opener, etc., etc., etc.

6) Wash hands again.

7) Laundry immediately.

8) Wash hands again!

Following these rules to a T has made me comfortable to be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air as a family for periods of time. There's no room for error here. Be responsible - for your family and other families as well! 

So this morning Finn and I bundled in some thin layers (and then thicker layers for outside so that he wouldn't overheat in the car!) and tried to catch the hour window where it wasn't supposed to rain today and headed to the "zoo."

There are so many sculptures here that I didn't even get half of them on camera. Underwater animals hang with dinos and forest creatures. There's a dessert, there's a jungle, there's even a little graveyard!

Holy moly, I loved this place so much. No one was around and Finn and I got to take our sweet time looking around. He loved it as much as I did! He kept giggling and staring intently at all of the animals. My favorite was this praying mantis!

For some reason, my camera wouldn't focus on the tripod to take a picture of Finn and I and since we were about to go back to the car and the wind was picking up, I only have this blurry photo of us to show for it! That's okay, though. I still love having a visual reminder of the things that we have done together! 

Basically, if you are safe and take proper precaution, there is no reason that you can't enjoy a little adventure here and there during the quarantine. If you are spending the majority of your time at home, it feels really good to pop outside and see some life and color. It's really important for your mental health! Hope that you enjoyed this odd little adventure as much as we did!



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