Followers Instagram update


Last night we reached a milestone that truly BLOWS MY MIND...10k Instagram followers!

When Ally and I started this journey together, we would freak out texting each other for each new follow, like and milestone hit. It’s so unbelievable that 10k people have chosen to follow along with us. 

We are both creative people who quickly immerse ourselves in things but then, almost just as quickly, float to the next thing. The fact that we are both still so dedicated to watching this OSG baby grow is a testament to how much joy and fulfillment it really brings us.  Never mind the fact that this venture has introduced us to some of the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful women in Cleveland and beyond! 

I will wrap this up because it’s 5:00am and I’m writing this with one thumb, hiding under my daughters comforter because she wouldn’t sleep without me cuddled close. I wonder if she’s dreaming about how her mom is ~*FaMoUs*~ now... 😂

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