Review of the new Formula 10.0.6 Vitamin Collection

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Our friends from Formula 10.0.6 were kind enough to gift us the most amazing box of products from their new Vitamin Collection, which features affordable products  enriched with a specific vitamin to help protect, nourish and brighten your skin. It was such an amazing, complete collection that ticks all the boxes of skincare from cleanser to night cream and everything in-between. Although I've loved everything (and have tried every product myself) I thought I would share my personal favorites from the collection!
First up is the Hold Tight Smoothing Daily Primer with Vitamin B. This stuff goes on your skin like a DREAM. I truly cannot rave enough about the texture. It feels like silk as it goes on your skin and creates the perfect canvas for your makeup. As a bonus, your makeup stays looking great so much longer if you use this first. 
Next is the Melt Away Triple-Action Cleanser with Vitamin C. This is such a great cleanser for the morning! It smells like citrus and is so invigorating while you scrub away impurities. My skin felt squeaky clean after using this, which makes me a little worried for drying with my wonderful winter skin (cue sarcasm), so I've been using it every other day to make sure my skin stays hydrated. 
(Apologies for the photograph that you can't read what this is!) But next up is the Total Wake-Up Rejuvenating Daily Eye Serum with Vitamin A! This is similar to the primer with the mind blowing texture. It feels so luxurious and smooth going on your skin. An eye serum is something that has been lacking from my skin regimen and I've loved adding this in!
Next is another eye cream because now that I've added it to my routine, I'm hooked! This one is the Steppin' It Up Moisturizing Spa Eye Balm with Vitamin C. I've been using the serum usually at night and then use this eye balm in the morning before the primer and my makeup. Just like the other products the texture is amazing and your skin feels plump and moisturized afterwards. 
Last but not least is the Shine On Moisturizing Lip Balm with Vitamin F! I LOVE how this feels on my lips and have been amazed at how long my lips feel glossy and look shiny after putting this on. I'm usually just a chapstick in my purse kind of girl but this balm has been great over lipstick to keep my lips moisturized and prevent my lipstick from getting dry and cracking. 
You can find the entire line of products on the Formula 10.0.6 website or in stores at Ulta! I definitely recommend checking them out! Not only are the products quality, they are affordable which makes Ally and I very happy. AND Formula.10.0.6 is a family owned company located in the Cleveland area - another reason to be happy to support them!

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