HIDDEN GEMS: Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

One of my absolute FAVORITE places in the city is Rockefeller Greenhouse. In 1905, John D. Rockefeller donated the city 270 acres of land for what is now known as Rockefeller Park. The greenhouse was originally used to grow and house plants that would be planted in the parks, but it evolved into an urban green space with beautiful displays. They have special displays for holidays, like the Easter display that is up now featuring hundreds of lilies. The sweet smell is enough to knock your socks off! They also have beautiful outdoor gardens in addition to the displays in the greenhouse. It is a wonderful place to spend time in the winter, as well, because the tropical and dessert plants that are displayed require quite a bit of heat. Admission to the greenhouse is always FREE and it is a beautiful place to walk around or sit and have time to yourself. It’s often empty at the times that I go, and that makes it all the more special because you can truly relax in there.

Here are some photos from my trip today, for a splash of life on a day where it feels like spring may never come. If you have never been, make sure to check it out!

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