FRIDAY FAVES: 6/28/2019

Hey, y’all! I’m so sorry that the blog fell by the wayside this week. I have been on a little trip with my husband and our buddy to Detroit (one of my favorite places!) to see The Lonely Island. It was a blast! We stayed in the cuuuutest Air BnB, had dinner at Green Dot Stables, and had the best breakfast OF MY LIFE at Rose’s Fine Foods. A trip to the D literally never disappoints. Check out my Detroit Travel Guide here on the blog from a few months back!

Caroline’s youngest daughter, Violet, turned TWO this week. TWO! What!? That’s so insane. She’s the funniest little redhead and we can’t wait to celebrate her over at Caroline and Ryan’s house tomorrow for her birthday party. Just wait until you see how cute the menu that Caroline made for the party is - I’ll have her post it in a story!

Here are some of the things that are making me smile this week. Caroline is WAY too busy with this party to do Faves this time around, so she will be back next week. Click on any image to be taken to its source!

My friend Ted of Monster Rally and Valley Cruise Press released new music this week! Click to listen to the song and check out this gorgeous collage he did for the artwork. Ted is so multi-talented and I just love him so much. He totally does not need my plug because him and his wife (my literal first friend!!) are constantly crushing everything that they do and are just the best people to boot, but just go listen. I got lucky enough to hear an advanced copy of the record and it’s incredible. My favorite of his yet!

Pregnancy craving! I LOVE these chips so much that years ago when my friend lived in NYC, I would have her SHIP BAGS OF THEM TO CLEVELAND FOR ME. Now they are pretty easy to find around here and they are incredible. It’s a mix of salt & vinegar and BBQ flavoring and it’s insanely delicious.

I am such a huge fan of the airbrush artist Isa AKA Gentle Thrills. I was lucky enough to cop a flame beret before they sold out and it came in the mail this week. I’m obsessed! She has an insane collection that she released this morning with Sam from Whurl of Sam’s vintage finds with Isa’s custom airbrush art on them. They’re so beautiful! Isa makes custom outfits for Post Malone - she’s just SO cool.

Another food one. Gimme a break, I’m pregnant and it’s summer and I’m dying. All that I want to do is eat watermelon and ice cream. Weber’s custard is a childhood favorite of mine and it’s SO GOOD. I’ve been daydreaming of a pint of malted milk and I think I’m going to have to pop over after work and grab one!

Ew @ me. I am so gross. I dream of a world where I don’t care about this kind of stuff, or the Kardashians, or Vanderpump Rules. It’s just so nice to turn my brain off. I loved Laguna Beach, I loved The Hills (LC and Kristin seasons) and now I love this reboot. And Justin Bobby would still be SUPER hot if he didn’t have that Jack White haircut going on. It’s a super entertaining callback to my young adulthood and I care. I care so much, guys.

Happy Weekend, everyone! We love you!

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