FRIDAY FAVES: 6/21/2019

Hey, y’all! We have a lot to talk about!!

This week we announced a ton of shit. I mean, a ton.

We have now added vintage to our online shop. check out our first set of items here. LOTS more will be added very soon!

We also announced that we will soon be releasing a podcast! We are working with Katie of Muse Room to get started. We have a trailer here if you’d like to give it a listen and see what it’s all about!

Also, we are selling prints here and also have wholesale packages available. We are going to be displayed in Oceanne and Threefold Gifts coming soon - contact us for a pricing sheet if you are interested in being a vendor of our prints!

Caroline is on an impromptu trip with her girls, so it’s just my Faves for today! Here are some of the things that are making me happy this week. Click the image to be taken to its source!

Happy weekend, sweet babes. So happy to have you here!

Answer to my prayers! A sandal that is comfortable and plush for my tired pregnant feet, just ugly enough to be cute, and comes in fun colors (and is available through Quad Pay!!!!!) The Fuzz Yeah sandal from Ugg was a treat to myself this week and I am SO EXCITED for them to get here. Now all that it needs to do is stop raining every freaking day.

I literally will never be able to cancel my HBO subscription. Los Espookys is the new show from Fred Armisen and Julio Torres (both SNL, so you already know I’m geeking) about a group of kids who do horror special effects in their free time and become contractors for-hire to make spooky things happen. It’s dry and hilarious and the visuals are stunning. Such a fun watch.

I keep buying things for Finn that he won’t be able to enjoy until he is, like, two. I can’t help it, though! This play tent came up on my Wayfair page and I am obsessed. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but this next paycheck may do it for me.

Literally obsessed with this new Oh So Graceful apparel that we have coming soon. I mean, look at how incredible this embroidered cap is!!!!! Such a fun nod to the city that we love.

I am such a fangirl over everything that Marisol Muro does. She has such unique taste and such a creative spin on everything. Check out this little vignette from her home that she posted on Instagram. I am now keeping my eyes open for some cool fluffy macrame - inspired!

That’s all for this week!! Check back next week for more Faves. Love you all!

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