FRIDAY FAVES: 3/1/2019

Hey everybody! February was a really weird month and I’m so glad that it’s now March and that we are closer to spring. Anyway. Here we are, back with another edition of Friday Faves. Caroline is dealing with two very sick babes, so this week it is just me! As always, click the image to be taken to its source!

Happy weekend!

I’m so into television lately. I am loving Better Things. I don’t know why it took me so long to start, but I’m on the second season only two days later. Which is pretty gross, but I have always been so in love with Pamela Adlon and it is so wonderful to watch her stories. She’s an incredible writer and comes across simultaneously as you and everyone you know. Catch up on Hulu!

My skin is being SO WEIRD lately! Dry and patchy and bumpy. I used this mask last night and it was such a treat! It smells and feels wonderful, and made my skin plump and soft again. Sweet relief!

Picked up these babies at Target yesterday! I was walking around with wet socks because I had myself convinced that I could put off buying new boots since it’s “almost spring” and the holes in my other ones wouldn’t matter soon because I’d trade them for sneakers. Then I remembered that I live in Cleveland and winter is eight months long. So, I got these knock off Doc Marten’s for $30 and my dry feet are thanking me!

Laguna Vintage is one of my new favorite Instagram pages. They are an Etsy seller of vintage books and I just love the imagery SO MUCH. So inspiring. I love art aimed toward children!

Absolutely OBSESSED with this new print from NooWorks! How fun and ALIVE! I would love any of the pieces that they have with the material. They always have the best designs.

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