FRIDAY FAVES: 2/22/2019

Hi, everyone! Is anyone else just dying for spring? I feel like I am so tired all of the time and I have no motivation. That being said, we are still working super hard - ensue more exhaustion. Here are our faves this week, and as always click the image to be taken to its source. Have a beautiful weekend!


If I can add this Big Bud Press jacket into my collection, I think that I will officially have the outerwear collection of my dreams! All of these flowers are hand stamped! Big Bud literally always knocks it out of the park.

This mini series is everything. Imagine if Heaven was a business. Now imagine if Daniel Radcliffe worked in the department of answering prayers. Now imagine if Steve Buscemi is God and he decided to blow the world up, and it was up to a few select employees of his to convince him otherwise. You can watch the first episode on YouTube, linked in the photograph above.

Oh Joy!’s line for PetCo is so unbelievably cute. Too bad Gus would destroy this in 30 seconds. He’s a nut job. I still buy him toys that I think are cute for him to destroy, though. The curse of the obsessive dog mom.

I swear, the only feeling that I have lately is exhaustion. I come home from work, walk Gus, and immediately put on my pajamas before I even start dinner. I love the new PJ collection from Ban.Do and this Las Vegas print is an adorable homage to Walter and my wedding!

Just ordered this book off of Amazon today and I cannot WAIT to read it. Because who on earth doesn’t love Reese? She gave us Elle Woods for goodness sake!


I have been using Unsplash for a few years now and a while ago I noticed that almost all of the photos I loved the most came from Raw Pixel. This site is amazing for free resources! They also have a ton of premium resources as well for one of the most affordable prices I have seen around. Here is a referral link if you’d like to try it out!

I somehow stumbled upon an article on Man Repeller one night and I got sucked DEEP into a hole of reading article after article on their site. Buzzfeed is old news - this is my new favorite procrastinating pastime.

I have seen the adorable mugs from Callahan Ceramics on Instagram a few times and every time I am blown away. I absolutely love the style! I must not be the only one either because almost all of them are sold out on their site!

My mom, sister and I are insane skincare addicts and they told me about The Ordinary last night. The reviews on Sephora are insanely positive and the price tag is RIGHT up my alley. Everything is under $10!

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