Winter Skin Care Guide

I know that my skin (and hair!) gets TERRIBLE during the winter, so I put together this list of natural products that really help us get through these months. These are all some of our absolute favorites. Click the image to be taken to the product’s source to purchase for yourself!

The absolute most important part of my skin care regimen has to be my Clarisonic. We have talked about Clarisonic on the blog before, but I can’t tell you how important it is to both me and Caroline. The sonic waves give your skin a gentle, but thorough, exfoliation. This allows all of your products to be absorbed deeper into the skin. It’s definitely an investment, but I promise you that you will not know how you washed your face before you had one.

Here at OSG, we are OBSESSED with Herbivore products. I think between the two of us, we have every product in the line. Their Pink Cloud face cream is so beautifully light, but deeply moisturizing. You only need a little bit to feel completely moisturized.

Clary Collection Bath & Body oil is another product that I absolutely rave about. This company is run by women, and all of their products are made in small batches. The oil is so luxurious, and looks absolutely beautiful on your countertop. It is the only body oil that I have ever used that absorbs quickly, and does not feel greasy.

If body oil absolutely is not your thing, I recommend Egyptian Magic cream. It is 100% all natural, it comes in this awesome kitschy packaging, and feels so good.

This hand cream is one of the only things that I take with me everywhere I go, especially in the winter time. The light rose scent is so delicate, and it works absolute magic on dry, chapped hands.

This face mask is the BOMB. It leaves your skin absolutely baby soft. And just look at this packaging!

This is an absolutely luxurious salt scrub for the bath. The rosewood and grapefruit scent is insanely invigorating, and it gives you the perfect glow.

The ends of my hair and my scalp both tend to get so dry during the winter months. This hair mask comes with a brush to really deposit the product in your scalp. Plus, the coconut and fig scent is incredible. Works like a charm every time.

Caroline turned me onto this moisture stick by Cocokind. It is good for chapped lips, knuckles, and all over your face. It doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, and does absolute wonders for your skin. Another thing to pop in your bag and take out whenever you feel like you need a little restoration.

Stay hydrated, babes!

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