I have always been obsessed with comedy. One of my earliest memories is listening to Steve Martin’s stand up specials on cassette over and over. So, since we are all stuck inside for the foreseeable future. I decided that it would be a good time to start a streaming guide as to what to binge watch that you might have missed. And the perfect way to start this series off? Comedy. Here are my suggestions for things that you might scroll past when you are looking for something to watch.

So, instead of watching the same series you have watched a thousand times (no shade, The Office) - give one of these a shot! You definitely won’t regret it.

Show: Nathan for You

Where to Stream: Hulu, Comedy Central app

Nathan for You is absolute genius. Nathan Fielder is a comedian who went to college and studied business. The premise of the show is that with each episode, he will “help” at least one struggling business with an innovative idea using that background. The ideas are things like marketing a moving company as a DIY exercise trend so that they can convince people to be unpaid movers. Or to start a hugely famous band using a smoke detector, so that smoke detectors can be imported as musical instruments for less of a tax. It’s so, so, so good. And while sometimes people think that Nathan is poking fun at the people he involves in his schemes, he has actually gone on record saying that it is part of an experiment for him to show how truly good people are, and how they are willing to go to great lengths to be open to ideas and not hurt other’s feelings.

Show: Detroiters

Where to Stream: Comedy Central app

Detroiters is my favorite comedy television series ever. Tim Robinson (SNL) and Sam Richardson (Veep) are two best friends who take over Tim’s father’s local advertising agency after his father goes insane. It is an ode to all of those terrible, low-budget local commercials that we all love. The ones like Norton’s Furniture where you just think, how the hell did this get on television. On top of their medium already not being very respected, they are both idiots and not very good at what they do. It only ran for two seasons, but it’s just the best.

Show: AP Bio

Where to Stream: Hulu

AP Bio stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as disgraced Harvard philosophy professor, Jack, who is forced to move home to his home town and accept a job at a local high school. The school is run by Patton Oswalt, who is so impressed that he was able to get someone from the Ivy League to teach at his public school. Jack, however, is not teaching the kids biology at all, but instead telling them that the only way that they will pass his class is if they help take down his enemy - another professor who has turned into an accomplished and respected author. The kids are genuinely hilarious, and Jack grows to have relationships with them that turn out to be pretty heartwarming. It’s also created by Mike O’Brien, who is one of my favorite SNL writers and cast members of all time.

Show: Man Seeking Woman

Where to Stream: Hulu

Man Seeking Woman stars Jay Baruchel (Undeclared) and Eric André (The Eric Andre Show) as best friends that are navigating the dating world. Jay’s character, Josh, just recently went through a bad breakup and is looking for something more stable, while his best buddy, Mike, is the eternal player type. The show has a basis in reality, but surreal things happen all of the time. It’s awkward, it’s imaginative, it’s absolutely hilarious. It was created by Simon Rich, who was also once a writer on SNL. Are you sensing a theme here?

Show: Documentary Now!

Where to Stream: Netflix

Documentary Now! is a mockumentary series starring Bill Hader (SNL) and Fred Armisen (SNL). Did I mention that they wrote it with the help of John Mulaney and Seth Meyers, who are also both super famous SNL writers? Oh boy, I have a problem. Anyway, in each episode Bill and Fred make a parody of a famous documentary, like Grey Gardens, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, or The Thin Blue Line. Walter and I would find out which documentary they would be parodying that week, and watch it before the episode - even if we had already seen it - so that it would be fresh in our minds. Fred and Bill are both such incredible impressionists, and just wonderful actors. Get caught up before the new season on IFC in March!

Show: The Last Man on Earth

Where to Stream: Hulu

Will Forte (SNL) is living in a post-apocalyptic world where all of the citizens of earth have been wiped out by a disease. He basically has no rules, but existence is pretty meaningless with no one to share it with. He eventually finds more humans are alive, including Kristen Schaal (Bob’s Burgers), January Jones (Mad Men), Mary Steenburgen (WHAT DOESN’T MARY STEENBURGEN DO!?), among a handful of others. He isn’t the brightest or the easiest person to get along with, but the group has to find a way to rebuild civilization together and find camaraderie.

Show: Stand up specials: New in Town, The Comeback Kid, Kid Gorgeous

Where to Stream: Netflix

I think that I already mentioned that John Mulaney was a writer on SNL? Yep. Even if I hadn’t, I’m sure you would have guessed it. I put John’s stand up specials on here, even though I’m sure I could write about a lot of other comedy specials to stream, and it seems out of place on a list of shows. However, all three of them are available on Netflix, which makes them binge-able. Mulaney is such an incredibly brilliant writer, and is probably behind some jokes that you already know and love. All of his specials are absolutely perfect, and that is not hyperbole. Watch them in chronological order, starting with New in Town, and get ready to cry laughing. Good luck getting his voice out of your head.

Get Bingin’!

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