RECIPE: Christmas Cocktail

This is my absolute favorite holiday cocktail. It’s super simple, and is something cozy to sip on while the snow comes down outside.

Christmas Cocktail:

1 ounce vodka - Last year I was using this delicious vanilla bean vodka made in Nashville that I had brought home with me from a trip. Since I am currently out of it until my next trip to the Opry, I decided to try this Seven Brothers espresso infused vodka made right here in Cleveland. It’s an interesting new take on the cocktail, and the espresso blends with the vanilla in the eggnog really well.

2 ounces eggnog - Sometimes I make my own eggnog, other times I am just ready for a taste and grab it from the grocery store. Of the store bought eggnogs, I enjoy this one from Hartzler Dairy best.

1 splash of milk - Just to cut the thickness of the eggnog.

Shake in a cocktail stirrer with ice. Pour in a lowball glass (I am obsessed with our Mr and Mrs glasses by Kate Spade that we received as a wedding present) and sprinkle with cinnamon. Add a cinnamon stick as a stirrer for any settling! You can also try adding more milk and ice and serving it blended, like a milkshake. It’s very decadent this way, so you might want to add two straws - or not!

There you have it, my favorite easy peasy Christmas cocktail. Enjoy!

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