FRIDAY FAVES: 12/7/2018

Hey, y’all! This has been a really weird week. Does anyone else feel a little off balance? Serious highs and serious lows. A perfect time to think of some of our favorite things to keep us grounded. So, it’s perfect to wrap up the week with another edition of Friday Faves! As always, click the image to be taken to its source.


I have been a huge, huge, huge, enormous fan of Lennon Stella’s singing voice since she was on my favorite Grand Ole (Soap) Oper…a, Nashville. Okay, that pun did NOT work. Are you sensing a theme here with how much we talk about the city of Nashville on the blog? We are just a little obsessed around here. Lennon has an insanely beautiful and soulful voice. The kind of voice that I want, but I end up sounding more like when Phoebe had a cold on Friends. This debut EP is incredibly catchy and beautifully recorded. Now if only she was bringing her tour anywhere close to Cleveland. Le sigh.

I tried this simmer sauce on a whim because I had decided last minute that I wanted to do a taco night and didn’t have time to marinate any meat. I have used it only with chicken, but DANG! It is so good and so easy.

I love this scarf so much! The pom poms are gigantic and come in a variety of colors. I got the yellow one that is pictured, which is much more mustard in real life. So cozy!

This kid is my FAVORITE person on the internet right now. He reacts to rap songs, often with his dad. He is actually really insightful about the music, but he is just so animated and hilarious. Walter and I have watched almost all of his videos.

These glasses are an absolute favorite of mine! I received them as an engagement gift and I just think they’re so adorable. I don’t typically love “Mr. and Mrs.” or “His and Hers” things, but I think they’re really polished looking and the etching is actually very subtle in real life. I actually bought them myself as part of a gift for Caroline’s little sister’s wedding!


This list of 25 Retro and Vintage Color Palettes is so good. I am constantly searching for color inspiration have way more palettes saved in Procreate than I would like to admit. But time to add some more after seeing this list I guess!

And on today’s edition of “things I absolutely do not need”…I’m not even entirely sure what it does but it looks cool! Like Keurig meets Chemex?

This song has been on serious repeat in our house lately. My husband has played it so many times that my 4 year old now knows the words. So catchy though, I can’t blame him!

Every year my sisters and I get matching pajamas with our husbands (and children in my case). I, of course, wait until the last minute every year and am scrambling to find matching pjs in all of our sizes. I’m feeling these ones from Target and bonus they are on sale right now!

We are working with Anna from Anna’s Photography on a fun, top secret project for the new year and I just HAVE to share one of my favorite photos of hers. This girl is OTHER WORLDLY talented. Like, I don’t even think it is normal for a person to be so talented. Every one of her images is so stunning and luminescent. I am obsessed with her work! Time for a vow renewal, Ryan, so we can have Anna take our photos!

Check back next week for more! Have a good weekend, babes!

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