DIY: Spin Bike Desk

I have been wanting a standing desk for a while but haven’t been able to find one that 1) I like, 2) is under or around $100 and 3) is actually tall enough for me to stand up without slouching over. So recently I tried standing at my kitchen counters to work - so I could see if I even enjoy standing up to work. Spoiler Alert: I do not.

I was a little upset because it seemed like the perfect solution to my very sedentary work life as a graphic designer.

Then the other week I tried riding my stationary bike while holding my iPad to work on a hand lettering piece. And it WORKED. It was comfortable. It was easy to ride for an extended period of time and still focus. And I wasn’t jostled around so much that I couldn’t draw.

I knew instantly that it would be the perfect solution for me to be able to get in at least 30 minutes of activity every night while I am already working. I started to look online for a tall desk that could fit easily right over my bike to allow me to sit up straight and work. But alas, AGAIN none of them were tall enough for me (I’m only 5’8” - why is everything so short!).

I had saved a tutorial on Pinterest a while back for a standing desk using just a piece of wood and plumbing pipes as the legs. I decided to head to Home Depot and use similar materials for a custom desk that fits all of my needs.

For just around $100 I have a PERFECT desk that is wide enough to fit my laptop, iPad, drink, phone and baby monitor - all my necessities when I’m working. And it is custom height so I am forced to sit upright when riding and feel like I am getting a much better core workout that way.

SO - onto the tutorial!


(8) ½ inch iron flanges

(8) 2’ iron plumbing pipes

(4) iron T connectors

(2) 6” iron pipes for the leg supports (the Home Depot called them “nipples” and because I’m a real adult I of course burst out laughing…)

(1) piece of wood to your desired width and length - mine is roughly 36” long x 12” wide and 1” thick

(16) #10 ⅞” wood screws

Drill bit to pre-drill the holes (I’m sorry I literally have no clue what size it was - I just eyeballed if it looked a little skinnier than the screws. Also, this was my first project that I have actually taken the time to pre-drill holes. I am normally impatient and just jam the screws in and push as hard as I can soooo…Do you I guess?)

(4) ½ inch felt furniture foot pads
Step 1:

Pre-drill holes (if you’re responsible) into the wood where you will be screwing in and attaching the flanges into the wood. First I eyeballed where I wanted the legs to go on the underside of the wood and used a pen to mark where the openings were. I then pre-drilled the holes and then attached the flanges. The remaining 4 flanges will be used as the “feet” of the desk to add some stability and a wider base.

Step 2:

Next I screwed one of the pipes into each of the flanges

Step 3:

After there was one pipe screwed as tightly as I could into each flange I attached the T connectors to each leg, followed with the 4 leftover pipes.

Step 4:

Finally I attached the remaining 4 flanges to the bottom of each leg and then a felt pad to protect my floors.

I may stain the top of the desk and put a sealant at some point but for now I liked the raw wood look. I will say that the iron pipes were pretty greasy and did require some vigorous wiping with a Clorox wipe before I attached them.

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