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In my house, we have been switching over all of our products to ones that are all natural. It does not come quickly, as it can be an expensive process, so we are making changes as the need for them arises. As we run out of a product, whether it is a household cleaner or a health and beauty product, I research the best possible all natural alternative to replace it. 

For me, one of the most important of these was finding an all natural deodorant that REALLY works. I am typically running around all day between organizing field trips with the residents at our senior living community and the cumulative miles of walking that our energetic pomsky, Gus, requires to allow Walter and I to sleep through the night. As there is a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family, it made sense that I prioritize switching my deodorant. 

I asked a few friends who I knew used natural deodorant what their favorite brand was. It seemed like everyone had a differing opinion as to what worked best. I tried many kinds before I found the one that actually worked. It seemed as though even when I thought I had finally found a winner, I would end up having to clean my pits and reapply halfway through the day. I had heard that there was an adjustment period to your body becoming accustomed to the switch to a natural product where you would have to detoxify your skin before you would stop being stinky, but this was just embarrassing. Tom’s, Schmidt’s, Jason, Lavanila. The cost of trying to find the perfect product was REALLY adding up. 

I was about to give up and revert back to my go-to Dove when I decided to stop scouring the aisles of Whole Foods and order something off of Amazon. At $26, Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose’s Holi Rose seemed like a bit of a stretch. But I’m a sucker for great packaging and it was Goop approved, so I crossed my fingers and clicked order.

Oh. My. Gosh. This deodorant was the answer to my prayers. I went through the whole day smelling lightly of fresh rose and sandalwood. No embarrassing adjustment period as with the other products I had tried. Agent Nateur went on smooth and didn’t feel like spreading tacky glue on my underarms like I had become accustomed to with natural alternatives. Plus, it looks gorgeous on my bathroom shelf!

I admit, the price is a little daunting. I would say that one stick of Agent Nateur lasts me about six weeks. I justify the price to myself by remembering that I am doing the best that I can to prevent breast cancer, and that this product is helping me do just that.

I absolutely love this product, and would recommend it to anyone looking to make the switch to an all natural deodorant. Also, a quick tip to use during the switch is to give yourself a detoxifying underarm mask every other night for the first week or two. You can simply use a scoop of Aztec Secret Healing Clay mixed with water, slap it on, and rinse after five minutes. It REALLY helps!

Look for more of our all natural product recommendations in the future! We are also interested in what products you love to use in your household, so let us know your personal favorites.

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