Kid Friendly Cleveland: East Harbor State Park

Cleveland beach east harbor state park lake erie

We are always on the hunt for fun things to do with the kids in the area. I tend to get very antsy just sitting at home and I am raising two little, ADHD versions of myself so they don't like staying home either. 

We frequent the museums and libraries in the area but with the gorgeous weather Saturday we were in the mood for some sun, sand and swimming. I am not a huge fan of the beaches around us (Huntington Beach, Edgewater Beach and Rocky River Park) because it isn't that easily accessible with two little kids and all the baggage that comes along with us. 

We made the hour drive out to East Harbor State Park yesterday to check it out and let me just say - IT WAS WORTH THE DRIVE. 

The parking lot is probably 10 feet from where we set up our blanket so it could not have been easier to get both kids out and all of our bags. The beach itself was only about 12 feet deep so it was incredibly easy to sit on the blanket and let the kids play in the sand and still feel like we could easily get to them if they got too close to the water. I was even able to get a little watercolor painting in while the kids played.

That part of the lake was only knee deep very far out, so Grace had a blast being able to walk out far with us like a "big girl". There was a building with bathrooms very accessible and an ice cream/hot dog food truck. 

When we were driving in I noticed they have camp grounds and that is the next adventure I hope to take with the little ones, since I have never been camping (wish us luck surviving a night in a tent with our two crazies!). 

All in all, I would definitely recommend making the trek out that way. After a fun day at the beach we headed for some lunch on the water at Crabby Joe's. The deck on the water was amazing (albeit nerve-racking because Grace kept trying to look over the edge at the boats) and the Creole Shrimp Pot that Ryan and I split was delicious. Like, good enough that Ryan drank the broth with a straw when people weren't looking at him. 

+ Sidenote: If you're in the market for a cute, vintage bathing suit that still covers the mom-pooch, I'm in love with this one from Swimsuits For All.



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