Kid Friendly Cleveland: The Children's Museum of Cleveland

We recently purchased a membership to The Children's Museum of Cleveland and it has quickly become our favorite spot. It can be exhausting for me, since Violet is mobile now and I am chasing her around the museum, but the girls have more fun and burn more energy there than any other outing so it is 100% worth it. 

The parking is free for members, which is great compared to most of the other museums in Cleveland, where you are looking at $5-10 parking every visit. It's also very easy to get to (only about 2 minutes off the highway) so getting there is a breeze for us. 

When we enter the museum we always beeline for the art room first so the girls can paint and their projects can dry while we play. On that same floor they have a cafeteria room with vending machines and a microwave. 

The bottom floor has the most amazing indoor play area (I can't wait to spend all winter there!) with imaginative play areas, like a kitchen, nursery, mechanic shop, grocery store and rooftop garden. There are also a ton of structures for the kids to crawl on. 

In the back of that room there is a reading area with a ton of books and cozy, quiet reading nooks. 

Right off that room is the water room, which my kids probably love most. Smocks are provided and the girls have so much fun splashing in the water, playing with the balls and "drawing" on the chalkboard with water. 

The top floor (which we didn't visit this day because someone was getting hangry - ahem ahem GRACE) is filled with dollhouses that are elaborately furnished. The first time we visited Grace just breezed through because a dollhouse can only hold a child's attention for so long if they can't play with it. Another Mom who was there told us that in every house there is a little piece of paper with the museum's logo on it that the kids are supposed to find. Flashlights are on each wall for them to use and search every room of the houses to find it. That kept Grace enthralled for over an HOUR. THANK YOU to the other Mom for the heads up!

I would highly recommend checking the museum out! It is pretty pricey to visit just once, so we opted for the membership for just $40 more for the year, which we have already gotten our money's worth because we have been back so many times. I am so excited we joined because I can tell it will be our go-to spot in the winter when we are dying of cabin fever. 

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