FRIDAY FAVES: 8/24/2018

Another addition of our Friday Faves. Let's get to it!

Like always, you can click the images to take you to the website to purchase!


Absolutely love this color block shirt in these amazing pastels from Romwe!

I am DYING for some overalls and I think I missed the boat on short overalls, since fall is approaching. I love these from Gap but question...WHY ARE OVERALLS SO EXPENSIVE?!

How CUTE is this jumpsuit?? 

Lakewood Plant Company is my favorite place to buy plants from. It seems like their plants are the highest quality and they always have great tips and advice. I am so bad at keeping plants alive but I have yet to kill a single plant purchased from Lakewood Plant Co! (KNOCK ON WOOD) I am dying for a Fiddle Fig (like every other person my age). 

Herbivore is my favorite clean skincare brand and I can't wait to try their new Prism Exfoliating Glow potion. If it's even half as amazing as their serums then it is going to be incredible. (P.S. keep an eye out for my review of my Herbivore products coming soon!)



I have been SO about jumpsuits lately. This one from Big Bud Press comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes. I am partial to the Flamingo Pink because I just plain cannot get enough pink lately, but I would take one in every color if I could. We love Big Bud Press and all of the apparel they are putting out! Such great design work and that 70s vibe Care and I both love.

I am obsessed with crewneck sweatshirts. I really do not buy very many clothes, but crewnecks are something that I will always make room for in my budget. Living in Cleveland, where most of the year is fairly cold and dreary, it always cheers me up to throw on a big, cozy sweatshirt and feel like I am dressed cute when I know deep down that I am just publicly wearing the equivalent of pajamas. This sweatshirt is my go-to already in our house that is so cold from being air conditioned for our spoiled puppy with his husky coat. The sweatshirt itself is luxuriously soft and the writing is flocked, so it looks like I am wearing something nice when I am really being as casual as possible. I want to be the Midwest crewneck Steve Jobs and have a closet full of these to wear every day.

I am dying over this incredible throw. I am such a blanket girl, even if it’s hot I have to have a blanket over my legs to be able to relax. This looks relatively lightweight, and those tassels are so fun that I could scream! I want to try to possibly do a DIY of this throw and see how it goes, but the product is already so flawless that it might be worth it to just close my eyes and press “add to cart.”

How adorable is this door mat from Sunnylife? It makes me smile just looking at it. I am having such a moment with rainbows. The image of a rainbow always makes me feel happy and carefree, so why not welcome that energy right before I walk into my house after a long day?

My aunt is a local skin care guru, and has been the most dedicated spokesperson for Jane Iredale products for years. Whenever someone mentions makeup, I always stress how gorgeous Jane’s products are. The products are 100% natural, made of such pure minerals that you could eat them, have flawless coverage, and contain SPF 25. Most mineral makeup on the market consists primarily of talc, which is unbelievably pore-clogging. Not Jane! You use a drop the size of a pea and get coverage for the whole day. I wear Glow Time in the color BB5 because the more yellow undertones cut out the overwhelming pink tones in my skin that all of us redheads tend to have. I refuse to use anything else!

Ah, my Loretta. I am convinced that Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton combined their energies in a lab and that is where I come from. No offense to my own lovely parents, but I can’t help but yelp “MOM!” when I see any mention of either of those ladies. I just recently watched the movie “Coal Miner’s Daugher” for which Sissy Spacek won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Loretta based on this autobiography. It was so incredibly moving. What a fighting spirit! Loretta has just the right amount of tough mixed with grounded, country sweetness. I would love to read about her life in her own words. Now excuse me as I sing “Fist City” over and over in my head for the rest of the day.


Until next week, ya'll! 

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