INTERVIEW: Naida Gazdick of Milkshop Photography

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my absolute favorite photographers in the area, Naida Gazdick of Milkshop Photography. Naida has photographed me three times now. The first was a Mother's Day session in a field of tall grass, the second was a family session with my husband and daughters and the third was with Ally for our blog photographs! Can you tell I love her photography style?! (I will include my favorite photos she took for me at the bottom!)

How did you start your photography journey?

It all began with a barbie camera - no, really. You know, the little pink ones that printed out the picture stickers? I thought that it was so amazing that I could show someone else what I was seeing. Throughout the years, I experimented with film, and photoshop, teaching myself along the way and having fun. Then, I took my first photography class in highschool and was so discouraged. There was a right and wrong way of making art? I must not be good at this if I got a C on my last project. I was so uninspired. I kept my photography to myself and sought out other mediums. It wasn’t until my son was born that I really got serious. I had this drive to capture the magic that was my new life with him - the way that I saw it. I borrowed my husband’s uncle’s camera until I could afford my own (shout out to Uncle Max!) and took so many pictures everyday and still do! I’m constantly learning and trying to challenge myself - I’ve only just begun!

What advice do you have for growing your business?

Oh man, my business has a lot of growing to do yet! I rather like to think of it as developing relationships. I really do view my clients as friends. The amount of trust and vulnerability that comes with allowing a photographer to record your most intimate memories is so immense - how could you not come out kindred at the end? I truly believe that if I am just kind, true to myself and my work that because I love what I do so much, growth will just come naturally.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my photography style as Documentary. I like to capture moments, not poses. My style is still evolving and it’s so fun to look back on past photos and see how it’s changed. I think I’m always striving, and always will, to capture the most real emotion in a photo.

Who do you idolize in art? Who do you idolize in life?

AH! Such a good (but hard) question. SO many people. So many things. The words of Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman make me feel and see such beauty and love. I also find so much inspiration in the romanticism movement of the 18th century.

If you live on the French Countryside surrounded by the best things in life (babies, fresh food, good coffee, wine and really good bread) without a care in the world except what cheese you should buy at the market - there’s a chance I idolize you.

What is your dream photo location?

* Please see previous answer* LOL

If you could be the second shooter for anyone who would it be?

I’m really loving Kylie Coutts work right now! I would love to be a fly on her studio wall.

How do you balance work and motherhood?

If you find the answer, please, let me know! It’s a learning process, for sure. I do alot of work at night and during naptimes. I always feel like I could be doing “more” around the house. But my son always comes first and I guess that’s how I “balance” everything.

Tell us a little about Mother Milk and your goals for that venture?

Thanks for asking! Motherhood is my biggest muse. I am constantly in awe of all of the amazing women bosses I meet in Cleveland. When I hear that they are also mothers, well then I’m bowing at their feet. I wanted to use Mother Milk Ohio as a spotlight for them - showing their clients and followers their most powerful and beautiful side.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

MY SON! Every time, always.

Where do you see your business going?

I really hope to expand into the wedding business! Know anyone getting married?!

You can find Naida at, on Instagram @milkshopphotography or @mothermilkohio, or on Facebook at

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