FRIDAY FAVES: 8/31/2018

Here we are with another edition of Friday Faves - where Caroline and I share with you our favorite things that we have been eyeing this week. If you like what you see, feel free to click the image to bring you to the corresponding site so that you can treat yo self. Just make sure that whatever it is, we can borrow it! Happy Friday, everyone - enjoy the long weekend!!


I am absolutely over the moon for this body oil. It is the most luxurious thing that I have ever felt on my skin and it lasts forever. Clary Collection is an all natural skin care company that is run by two women. All of their products are made in small batches and the attention to detail is incredible. It also looks SO beautiful on my counter next to Caroline and my other obsession - Herbivore products. Keep an eye out for Caroline’s blog post reviewing her collection of Herbivore products coming up soon!

I saw this print on another blogger’s Instagram page and quickly came to the conclusion that I NEED it. The colors are perfect for my house and the 70’s typography is right up my alley.

I have been eyeing these sneakers for a while. Green is not a color that I would usually pick, but this particular shade of green is so vibrant and beautiful that I think I could work it into just about any outfit. I am a girl that lives in sneakers (I even got married in sneakers) and the classic shape of this style of Adidas appeals to me so much because it is so versatile.

I am having such a moment with stars. Even the star emoji has gained a spot in my regular use. These earrings are SUPER affordable, which I look for in any piece of jewelry because I have a hard time bringing myself to wear anything aside from my thin gold wedding band. I even told Walter that I did not want an engagement ring because I am so aware of anything on my body. These are so adorable that I could make an exception.

Okay, this is my absolute dream suit. I would be buried in this suit. It has such a fun country western feel to it, but it’s still sophisticated enough that you would not feel as though you are wearing a costume. If I were a cartoon character that wore the same outfit every single day, this would be it. You’re killing me, Free People!




First up for me is this darling Coast yellow raincoat from Hope and Stetson. I'm already thinking of fall and getting to wear my favorite Hunter boots again and this raincoat would be a perfect pairing.

Ally and I are all about Nashville recently and I loved Elsie Larson's roundup of things to do and eat in Nashville. 

Purchasing a Fount coventry bucket bag is on my bucket list. Someday...someday...

I have watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before three times now and it is so good every time. I LOVE YOU PETER KAVINSKY!

I have been watching a ton of tutorial videos from Holly Pixels and I love how straight forward she is and informative. She also sells digital planners for the GoodNotes app and I am praying it helps me get and stay organized. A girl can dream...

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