Inspiration: Women Illustrators I'm OBSESSED With

Here are a few women illustrators I have discovered via Instagram that I am absolutely in love with and look to for inspiration when I am in a creative funk.

1) Dina Rodriguez of @lettershoppe

Dina’s work is just amazing. Not only does she have the coolest style, the wording and content choices are always so cutting edge and relatable. She also hosts the incredible podcast @womenofillustration. You need to check her out.

2) Maggie Cole of @maggiecoledraws

Maggie has the most beautiful, whimsical style and uses such a rich color palette that just draws me in. I just want her to illustrator 1,000 children’s books so I can buy them all.

3) Carmi Grau of @carmigrau

I am so amazed by illustrators and artists who find their style and stick with it 100%. It makes for such an enjoyable feed to scroll through. Carmi has such a distinct style and goes through wonderful phases of exploration where she experiments with a new color palette for periods of time, creating mini collections. Also, the ‘PMS is Real’ design is so spot on.

4) Dani Ammons of @heydanico

Another illustrator with a beautiful, whimsical style that would be so perfect for children’s books. I love Dani’s peachy/pastel palette that makes me feel like I am bathing in a tub of orange sherbet.

5) Mychaela Bueché of @bueche.jpg

Modern. Colorful. Unique. Recognizable.

Pretty much all of my favorite things in an illustrator. I love Mychaela’s style, especially her interesting and unique approach to shadows and highlights on the face.

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