Every Friday we will round up the week with some of our favorite finds and items we are gushing over (AKA a way for us to feel like we are shopping without actually spending the money - you are welcome, husbands). Click on the images to take you to the products. This post is not sponsored...unfortunately. Hit us up, Anthro!

Up first, Ally...

This purse is SO cute! It makes me want to relax with a Tiki drink and a really colorful cocktail dress. 

Here’s where I get controversial. I am SO not a summer kind of girl. I know, I know. In Cleveland we wait all year to see the sun and enjoy the warmth. I’m just not crazy about being sticky and sweaty and I sunburn too easily. Give me fall or spring and I light up. However, I’m trying really hard to embrace what is left of the season since it’s already almost slipped through our fingers. So, instead of daydreaming about boots, pumpkin bread, and chunky knits (oh, how I LOVE a chunky knit!!) I will instead focus on these adorable sandals and the pedicure I need to get touched up to wear them.


I am a cookbook fanatic. I love going through recipes and finding a way to make them my own. This book comes highly recommended and when I snuck a look at some of the recipes, I almost started to drool. Spicy, fresh, crisp goodness that works just as well to feed Walter and I as it does to have the whole gang over.


I am in kind of a weird place now where I recently donated our uniform white mugs because I found myself only reaching for the fun ones in the cupboard. It’s an eclectic collection and I kind of can’t stop. It’s also absurd because the only hot drink Walter will have is hot chocolate so the ratio of mugs I need versus the ones I collect is terribly skewed. These are so incredible, though! And I always find myself eyeing their collections. Nothing wrong with spending a little and needing a cupboard just for mugs if it’s to support other artists, right?

I feel like such a crafting poser because I never learned to crochet. This tutorial for a granny square cardigan from Lana Red Studio makes it seem manageable and SO cute! This is my goal by the time the air gets a little more crisp. 

Here are some links to cute ones for sale on Etsy, which I scoured before convincing myself that this is my time to finally learn on my own:

This one -

This one -

& this one -


Caroline's picks...


If I didn't have a legitimate concern that one of my kids would rip these out of my ear I would snag these babies in a HEARTBEAT. 

I have been looking for a Moto jacket that I love for probably over a year now. This one might tick all the boxes and have to become mine. 

I'm all about the fanny pack recently. It is just so functional for a mom. Or really any human who likes to use both of their hands. I've wanted a Herschel backpack for a while but couldn't commit to the $100 price tag for the one I want. But this adorable fanny pack is only $25 so...ADD TO CART. 


I am utterly obsessed with my Birkenstocks. I think I've only worn another pair of shoes maybe 3 times all summer. I love this stone color!

I have a gold Corkcicle that I have been carrying with me everywhere for about 4 years and it is my absolute favorite water bottle. This collaboration bottle they did with Rifle Paper is darling!


That's it, folks! Check back next Friday for new favorites!

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