FRIDAY FAVES: 9/7/2018

Ohhhhh yeah, we are feelin' those Friday vibes!! Let's get into our Friday Faves and then it's time to count down until it's time to grab a tiki drink at happy hour. Feel free to click an image if you are into what we are sharing, it will take you right to the website it came from. Have a great weekend, everyone!


We are insane over Nikki's jewelry over at Odyssey & Oddities. She has such an incredible eye, and she is such a sweetheart. We just love her, and we are crazy about her work. I bought a beautiful rose bolo tie from Nikki, and now I have my eye on this daisy design. She let's me live my country girl dreams in such a chic, sophisticated way. GO BUY STUFF FROM HER! She's just too great. 

I love the NPR Tiny Desk series. I also love Mac Miller - he's insanely talented. Walter is totally aware that Mac is my main crush! His Tiny Desk came out maybe a month ago, but I still find myself going back to watch it. With an appearance by Thundercat, who collaborated with Mac with his latest album, the concert has such a fun jazzy vibe. Perfect to put on during a rainy morning or right when you're about to hop in the bath.

EDIT: The morning that we posted this, we had no idea that we would be hit with the news of Mac’s tragic passing later that afternoon. Rest easy, Malcom. Thank you for the beautiful discography that you have left for us.

Walter and I have been SO into watching all types of game shows lately. This one has found such a special place in our hearts. Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler are so charming and have such a genuine friendship that shines on the screen. The show is a crafting competition, where artists of all different trades are given a prompt and materials and run with it. There is an elimination every episode, which can be tough to watch, but it is so neat to see what everyone's take on the prompt and watch them unveil their finished product.

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with ice cream. Walter declares it a state of emergency if we don't have ice cream in the freezer. It is also no secret that I am insane over Jeni's Ice Cream. Caroline and I used to work at a small health food store that was one of the first places in Cleveland to carry Jeni's and I have been in love ever since. All of their flavors are incredible, and while Brown Butter Almond Brittle is a close second, I have to give it to Pistachio & Honey. It is the perfect mix of sweet and salty with an actual pistachio taste. All of their ingredients are the finest real foods. Plus, it looks adorable in your freezer. All around win.

I have this new Abbi Jacobson book on pre-order. I cannot wait! She not only has such an incredible comedic voice, but also a real insight to life. We love love love Broad City, and Abbi is my favorite character. I have her books of illustrations and I also loved her podcast, A Piece of Work, where she highlighted different pieces of art and artists in MoMA and broke them down to be more accessible to everyone. She is such an inspiration to me, and I can't wait to have a more personal insight into her thoughts!


I found this book at Half Priced Books years ago and completely forgot about it until I was going through my art reference books today in my attic. It is the absolute best for finding color palette inspiration. 

I am addicted to this show right now. My favorites have been the inside of a boat on the River Thames that a couple remodeled into an amazing Scandinavian style home and a home that was created out of shipping containers and filled with unique art. 

This smart notebook sounds SO COOL. It uses an app on your phone to take a photo of a sketch in the notebook and uses certain page markers to create a high quality SVG file that saves to your Creative Cloud, where you can open it in Illustrator or Photoshop. Oh man...the graphic designer in me is geeking out right now. I need one. 

 I want these glasses so bad! Thankfully Zenni Optical is so affordable that I will probably end up snagging these. They are only $19 - with the prescription included! 

The list of things I love from Luella is long but this hat might top the list. 


That's all for this week! Check back next Friday for more!

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