FRIDAY FAVES: 9/14/2018

Hey, world! Wrapping up another week with an edition of Friday Faves for ya. Here is some of our favorite stuff from this week - just click the image to be taken to the site where we pulled it from. Cheers, babes!


I have been following Kali’s career for a while now, and I still have not gotten tired of her official debut album, Isolation. It’s kind of slept on because it came out the same day as Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy (another great album - love you, Bardi!) but it really is incredible. Kali is Columbian and has a gorgeous jazzy voice. Not to mention an insanely creative eye. Check out this video for her song with Tyler, the Creator and Bootsie Collins. Unreal.

Snagged this awesome tee from my good friends at Valley Cruise Press! VCP is a merchandise and apparel company run by my two childhood friends who are now married and have two gorgeous twin baby girls. You have probably seen their stuff everywhere - they consistently crush it. They have a new line of jewelry coming out in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eye out for that!

I have been insane over Mrs. Meyers products for years. They are some of the only cleaning products used in my house, and my parents are exclusive with it as well. My favorite scents typically change out, but for the past few months we have been exclusively using Radish. So crisp, so clean, so warm. A great scent for year round. I did, however, get the Geranium scent for the hand soap in my office bathroom so that I don’t get tired of the same scent everywhere.

Dying to have this Oh Joy! rug in my office. So bright and fun. It’s tough to pick just one design from the collection, but I am totally drawn to these daisies.

I’m not usually a true crime girl. I have a hard time with violence, so it’s just not for me. However, this podcast is fascinating. Host Jason Flom meets with people who are victims of a failed justice system, who tell the stories of their arrest, trials, and eventual exoneration. He also meets with lawyers and activists trying to raise awareness regarding the incarceration of innocent people and non-violent offenders. It is enough to stop you dead in your tracks. We as a people must work together to make this different. Part of how you can do that is by making a donation to The Innocence Project. No donation is too small when we are working together toward this goal.


I thought I would do my Friday Favorites a little different this week and share 5 things that are in my Amazon wishlist right now. So here goes…

I love absolutely everything about this chair and am already picturing it in my future home (since there isn’t space in our current house). Anyone who has visited my home knows I have a deep love for yellow accents. I just think its the happiest color and goes perfect with almost everything.

Not entirely sure if I actually like these shoes or they just resemble the sneakers I wore when I first started dating my husband and I knows he loves me in these types of shoes. Ryan is such a simple man and if I wore cuffed jeans, plain t-shirts, grey New Balance sneakers and no makeup for the rest of my life he would be a happy man!

Another yellow home decor piece…surprise, surprise! I told you I love yellow accents!

I am dying for a set of copper Mauviel pots and pans someday. Although I don’t know if I will ever be able to swallow the hefty price tag. I have one saucepan that was my Grandfather’s that has a copper bottom and I have to admit, it heats up faster and more evenly than any other pot by far so I think the price is probably justified. Even if the main reason I want them is because they are so beautiful!

Ok guys…HOW do I convince my husband that I need a $150 toaster because I like the way it looks??

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for more of our favorites!

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