FRIDAY FAVES: 7/12/2019

It’s moving week over here for me, so I am going to keep this short and sweet:

I hope that you all have been doing great. I have missed so many things this week and Caroline has been such a BOSS taking over the Insta/blog while I am trying frantically to figure out what the heck I am doing. I moved, cleaned out the old house, worked my jobs, went to my OB, all while adding a 45 minute commute to my day job and HAVING FEET THAT LOOK LIKE MARSHMALLOWS! Pregnancy swelling is SO real and crazy, I haven't seen my ankles in a week.

We are working on the podcast, but our recording schedule has been interrupted by the 8,000 jobs and major life events that we have collectively had going on in June. Thanks for being patient with us!

Here are some of the things that we are loving this week - Click any image to be taken to its source!



I have been super over FjallRaven bags, but this color way caught my eye on an Instagram ad. Guess what - IG ads totally work. At least on me. I want this to be my diaper bag!

I am completely and utterly in love with Frostine Shake on Instagram. She is so unbelievably beautiful AND has such an eye for making her photos SO interesting.

I love having the Shudder app on our Firestick! It’s $4.99 a month and they have such an insanely good selection of horror movies. I have been watching SO MANY lately and Walter is instructing me that I must take it easy because it’s not good for Finn. I argue that I have fun watching them, but he reminds me that he is witness to my screaming and burying my face in a pillow.

Can someone PLEASE make this for me as a housewarming gift? I’d do it myself, but I’m pregnant and overworked and SO tired. Please? I’ll buy you so much ice cream.

FRESH FIGS ARE HEREEEEEEEEEE! I bought an entire flat from Heinen’s and they were gone in two days. What can I say? Finn loves fruit. There are worse things to crave!

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