FRIDAY FAVES: 6/7/2019

Hey, all! We took a break from the blog last week but we are back this week. Did you check out Caroline’s playlist or see my announcement that I’m having a boy (!!!!!!!!)? We also dropped our collection with Emily Roggenburk this week and there are only a couple of pieces left, so go snatch them up! Check those out here.

We also were the guests on Muse Room Podcast recently, and Katie released our episode yesterday. It was SUCH a fun experience and we had such a blast recording. I’m really proud that we are at a place where we would even be considered as guests, it seems insane to me and was such a huge compliment that you guys asked to hear more from us. Listen to that episode here!

We have a couple of REALLY cool ideas in our constant expansion of what Oh So Graceful means and what it does. The truth is Caroline and I both have so many interests and hobbies and we like to take on a TON of things as they pop into our heads. When two ADD-diagnosed creatives come together, that happens. So, be on the lookout for things coming at you this summer that we hope you’ll be as excited about as we are!

Here are some of the things that I am excited about this week. As always, click on an image to be taken to its source. Enjoy!

Katie Kimmel is an artist whose work I absolutely adore. She makes these gorgeous pup vases and I am obsessed. She just dropped a collaboration with Urban Outfitters and I had to get one for myself!

I have wanted snakeskin boots for years, but just kind of figured that they were trendy and that my desire for them would fade. Well, it didn’t. I love the color and style of these ones from PrettyLittleThing, but I have read a lot of bad reviews about ordering from them? Seems like a step above the Wish app. So, I linked them above, but buyer beware. I haven’t even decided if I’ll pull the trigger on them myself. What draws me to them more than anything is that the snakeskin print extends to the heel. Most affordable options have a black block heel and I want all snakeskin, baby! So, if you have any experience ordering from them, shoot me a DM and let me know if I should move forward.

Cheerwine is my FAVORITE pop. I hardly ever drink pop, I don’t even get a taste for it, but the other day I thought “I need some hush puppies and a Cheerwine.” It’s kind of hard to find, but you can buy it by the case at Old Carolina BBQ, so I got one and a couple of times recently Walter and I have split one. Just enough to get that sweet hint of cherry and curb a craving!

I keep making these big plans for Finn as though he isn’t SO FAR AWAY from even being here, never mind being old enough to do stuff like this. BUT, this buckin’ bronco bouncy toy with the rodeo chute is so adorable I can’t help myself. *Adds to registry

I am scouring Etsy for these vintage diner die-cuts. I have NO CLUE what I am going to do with them once I get them, but I’d like to find some way to display them in my new house. They’re so cool! I got this hamburger one from the 1960s and an apple pie a la mode from the 1940s. It’s hard to pick which ones you want, there are so many good ones!

Check back next week for more Faves - Happy Friday, y’all!

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