FRIDAY FAVES: 6/14/2019

Hey, everyone! Coming off of another really exciting week here at OSG!

We have a HUGE announcement about a new project for us coming tomorrow and we can’t wait to share it with you. I think that you are going to really love it.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us this week and last to congratulate and connect with us about all of the stuff that we have had going on lately. We appreciate you more than you could ever know. This has been the most fun, rewarding, exciting time for the two of us and we can’t wait to share with you what is coming next. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement on Insta!

Here are some of the things that we are enjoying this week. As always, click the image to be taken to its source!


It’s no secret that I absolutely love everything that they do over at Daily Disco. I was so excited to see this rainbow colored MAGIC hair pin. It just makes everything feel a little more special.

I am obsessed with the writing of Cat Marnell. When I was younger and just started to read her pieces on XOJANE (must read pieces, seriously) I became interested in every product that she would talk about. One of the things that she did was wear Hawaiian Tropic all year round. Now I know that Hawaiian Tropic isn’t the super natural type of product that we like to talk about on here, but it smells absolutely phenomenal, and all year round I wear this as lotion. Plus, it doubles as skincare - no wrinkles on my watch!

I am SO not a video game person and neither is Walter, really. We got a Nintendo Switch so that we could play Mario Kart and then stopped playing that, too. We recently bought Cuphead and are OBSESSED. It’s so freaking hard, y’all. Or maybe we are just really bad at video games? Anyway, we bought it based off of its design (so like us) since everything in the game looks like these 1940s cartoons and it’s freakin’ ADORABLE. I look forward to playing it every time we pick it up.

I get this every time I go to Target and I just found out that they sell the loose tea to make it yourself, too. I am absolutely in love with that hint of vanilla, even though the tea itself still tastes unsweetened. I can’t stand sweetened tea.

When I got my new minivan a couple of weeks ago (hi, I’m officially a mom now) I went straight to the store to have a pimp my ride moment. Or really just to get an aux cord. But these air fresheners were so cute that I couldn’t not get them while I was there. They smell so fantastic! And look so cute! Such a silly joy, but I’m in love.


I have recently become obsessed with sparkling water and realized today, after my Dad pointed it out to me, that this is going to get pricey if I think I am going to keep a case of LaCroix on hand at all times. I found this blue SodaStream on Target’s website and I want it so bad. I’m thinking it might be rude to buy myself a $70 gift though 2 days before Father’s Day…so I’ll wait until Monday!

My youngest sister is basically the only thing keeping me on top of current beauty trends - because otherwise I would have no clue. She told me about these face razors that she has been using to remove any peach fuzz on her face so I gave them a whirl. GUYS. My face was so smooth after and my makeup went on so flawlessly. I was obviously worried about any hair growing back darker or thicker but there are a ton of reviews on Amazon that say that doesn’t happen so FINGERS CROSSED I don’t end up looking like my husband by next week!

Snagged one of these bad boys this week. This is HANDS DOWN the most comfortable lawn chair in existence. Like so comfortable I truly contemplated bringing it inside to sit on but stopped myself before everyone in my family inevitably calls me a hillbilly….but also still might bring it inside. It’s that comfortable.

I don’t know when I started transitioning into full on old lady, but two of my favorite things recently have been 1) watching birds out the window with my husbands binoculars and 2) searching for “sea” glass by the Rocky River Reservation. WHO AM I?? But really though. The sea glass. What an amazing, fun, wholesome hobby that our little family has adopted and it is so cute watching my daughters search for glass and bring it over to me to put in the bag - particularly my 2 year old yelling “sea glassch”. We’ve been getting dirty and muddy and wet and it’s been GREAT. Sidenote: any ideas what we should do with all this glass? Send us a message or comment below and me know of any ideas! I’m thinking a craft or mosaic but also into maybe a really cool glass container to hold all of them.

And finally, because I couldn’t think of a 5th Fave and because I’m watching The Bachelorette right now, I have to include this quote from Luke P. What the fuck kind of English is this? I died laughing. I love a good Bachelor nation silly villain.

That’s all for this week, lovelies! Make sure you check the Instagram Saturday for our announcement!

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