FRIDAY FAVES: 1/25/2019

Happy Friday! Next week, we will be changed women after we see Kacey Musgraves in concert! Caroline and I are headed to Columbus for a day and a half long girls trip. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since we were able to have a sleepover! I’m so excited! I hope that we can cram it all in. We will be visiting Sarah Harste’s studio while we are there for an interview, and we are SO pumped. We can’t wait to show you everything! Here are some of our favorite things this week. As always, click the image to be taken to its source if you feel as though you want some more info for yourself. Enjoy your weekend!


I have been dying for one of Susan Alexandra’s beaded bags. Look at these colors! Look at the design! Her name has my name (Alexandra) in it! It’s meant to be.

I am obsessed with vintage valentines. They are so weird! I get one for Walter every year, though the ones that I get him are usually a bit more strange than this one. I.E. hot dogs, clowns, etc. Look at how adorable the illustration is, though! And the color choices! Valentine’s day is so cute. Find tons of vintage cards to give your valentine on Etsy. PS - We have a lot of Valentine’s and Galentine’s content coming your way!

I was obsessed with the first season of American Crime Story based on the OJ Simpson trial. I was so excited that the second season is finally on Netflix! It is an absolutely fascinating story and makes your heart pound harder than a scary movie.

I am absolutely enamored with Katie Kimmel’s ceramics. Look at how much personality these vases have! Her work is some of my favorite. I can’t wait to bring one of these little cuties into my home!

I am constantly looking for new sneakers, since they make up a majority of my shoe collection. I just love being comfortable, what can I say! I am digging all of the different color ways of Karhu, and they have a very throwback feel to their design. The price tag is a little steep, but I wear a pair of sneakers until they have holes in the soles, so it’s worth it.


So for my Faves this week I thought I would share some of my favorite Target Dollar Spot Galentine’s decorations so you all have time to snag some for yourself and your favorite gals!

First up is this darling banner for only $3!

Check out this adorable iridescent ‘Happy Gals Day’ hanging banner! $3!

Another banner that is so stinking cute for $3!

This backdrop is adorable but be warned that it is pretty narrow so if you plan on hanging it up and want more than one person in the photo make sure you grab two!

Apparently Target is in the market to disrupt the pin game by offering this adorable pin set for only $1! So cute though I couldn't resist!

And finally, my FAVORITE! I am obsessed with the colors in this tassel banner! TBH I will probably hang this in my office and keep it up year round. Just too cute!

Run to Target and check out all of these cute finds in the Dollar Spot before it is picked over! It will ensure that your Galentine’s themed parties are perfectly Insta-worthy!

See you guys again next week for more!

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