FRIDAY FAVES: 11/2/2018

Hey everybody! It’s finally Friday. I think that I want to spend the entire weekend snuggled up in pajamas. Maybe a cocktail or two. I told myself that I want a break from drinking until Thanksgiving, but I already had a beer in Detroit, so I’m not doing great. Oh well! Here are some of the things that are making us smile this week. As always, you can click an image to be taken to its source. Stay cozy!


On Walter and my trip to Detroit this past weekend, we made a stop at Hamtramck Disneyland. The history behind it is absolutely fascinating, and people have fought very hard to keep this piece of folk art alive. The structure extends 30 feet into the air, and it absolutely gorgeous. In the artist’s eyes, these repurposed pieces truly made for a Disneyland in Detroit. I recommend a trip to anyone who is close. There are also a lot of other fun things that we have found to do in Detroit, so I might be putting together a Detroit Travel Guide here on the blog sometime soon.

I have wanted these military boots for a while. It plays into the desire that I have to dress like Shia LaBeouf that I mentioned last week. This is the year that I am going to take the plunge.

I spent all of the last week watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of the Melissa Joan Hart portrayal of Sabrina, but I like that this version is darker. It was nice to watch it before Halloween, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s interesting for any time of year. Also, I have a huge crush on Harvey. Unless that actor isn’t over 21. I just checked. He’s 22. We are in the clear.

Anyone else remember Kipling from the 90’s? I had full on Kipling everything. The little monkey on the keychain can suck its thumb! So adorable. I have a different style of small backpack by Kipling that I use as my everyday bag now, but I really like this simplified design and the color “Crocodile Green.”

All year long, I fawn over faux fur coats. I have a very shaggy pink one that I wear whenever I can, and a couple of hand me down vintage furs that I try to never wear in case I ruin them, but I just LOVE looking at all of the fun colors. I would love a purple one next!


This week I decided to pick my 5 favorite things from Bando’s Gifts Under $25 list.

Bando always kills it with their patterns so it’s no surprise that I found a notebook that I loved on their gift guide. Not going to lie, definitely sent myself this picture to use the pattern as color inspiration for a future design.

I’m a cup and mug fanatic (and have way too many). I love these Good Mood cups and adore the typography.

Not exactly sure when or how I would utilize mesh socks but I’m digging it. Maybe with my Birkenstocks? So my husband could die laughing making fun of me haha I love the color palette though!

Ally and I were talking last night about how cute this mug is as a decorative piece, but in all reality I would love to see the chaos and mess that would ensue trying to drink out of it. Sure is cute though!

Ally has a couple Baggu bags and loves them. I’m really feeling this gorgeous peachy one!

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