FRIDAY FAVES: 10/26/2018

Howdy! Here’s another edition of Friday Faves. I had a hard time assembling this week’s list of my favorites, because the only things that I have been looking at, in all honesty, are Christmas related. I am not going to subject you to my early Christmas obsession, but suffice it to say that I asked Walter if we could put the Christmas tree up over the weekend. I wasn’t kidding.

As always, click the image to be taken to its source. Happy Friday, y’all!!


Daily Disco is run by an incredible talent named Abbey Eilermann. She runs a super inspiring IG account, and does embroidery in her amazing studio. She creates custom embroidered jackets, and it is my dream to have one someday!

Chris Uphues is another artist that I really admire, who works with brands that I also really admire. Beautiful Days is his hardcover book, which is appropriate for all ages and filled with beautiful illustrations and messages. Coffee table goals to the max.

Adam Sandler’s Netflix special 100% Fresh is so good. It is filled with songs that are quick to the point, hilarious, and often times touching. He dedicates a song to his wife at the end of the special that will have you in actual tears. Did you know that he has been married for 20 years and is crazy about his wife? What an absolute sweetheart. Great for a night of wholesome laughter.

Steak Talk is a Tumblr advice account ran by Rachael (Steak) Finley of Hot Lava. She also has one of my favorite Instagram presences (follow her at instasteak). Her running advice column has been around for years, so you can search for TONS of answers. She has been through a lot and has some really sage wisdom. She’s super direct and a great resource.

This last one is pretty silly, but it’s true to me so here I go: I am legitimately obsessed with Shia LaBeouf’s style. I always show pictures to Walter in an effort to get him to dress more like Shia. Heck, I want to dress more like Shia. The “Fave” part of this is that there is an entire Instagram account called shiasoutfits whose sole purpose is to show pictures of, you guessed it, Shia’s outfits. I am obsessed. It’s a top five Insta account for me, which is super goofy. I can’t help it.


I have been dying for a vintage rug for our home and The Helm Collective has such an amazing collective that could make any space extra cozy.

Grace (yes my 4 year old) has a fur vest that I am secretly very jealous of. I have been looking for one online and came across this fuzzy pink one that I LOVE.

Every fall I tell myself that I am going to buy myself a cute pair of booties and every year I search and search and can never find a pair I love. Maybe these Lucky Brand pair will be the winner…FINALLY!

I guess it is time we are finally adults and I find a way to organize our important documents. I want a filing cabinet that can be easily disguised as a piece of furniture because filing cabinets are UGLY. I love this grey, weathered one that could easily pass as a side table in our entry way.

Violet’s lovey is this Catalina Mouse (that we named Baby). She sleeps with it every night and carries it around the house all day and its taking a beating. I think it might be time to purchase a backup for her in case something happens to Baby. Also, Baby might need a new outfit because look how CUTE!

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for more! Enjoy your weekend, babes!

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