Inspiration: Five Illustrators I LOVE!

Caroline and I both are obsessed with following artists on Instagram. Since she shared some of the people she loves, I decided to share some that I love, too! Check them out on IG by clicking on the posted image!

Katie Benn has a definite style, but is versatile in her aesthetic. Absolutely love her!

Dan Whitehouse has such a fun and fantastical style. It brings in elements of 1940s cartoons and makes them contemporary. He does a good deal of commercial work and it’s always fun to see his style pop up somewhere unexpected.

I adore Arabella Simpsons’ childlike style that conveys her much more mature message! It is really hard as an illustrator to let yourself go and “unlearn” what you have been taught as far as fine art proportions and so on. One of my favorite things in the world is when an artist can completely let all of that go and forge their own style.

Marcela Szwarc has some of my FAVORITE use of color! Her illustrations are so playful that even the little demons that she draws are pretty darn cute.

Few illustrators excite me as much as George Wylesol. Every time he posts, I get SO excited. I love seeing what is next from him and how his style develops.

That’s all for today, but definitely check back to see who else we love to follow!

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