DIY: Vintage Ornament Wreath

I made this adorable vintage wreath and it was SUPER easy, so I’ll just give you a little background in case you wanted to try it for yourself!

I got this wreath from Five Below! It was only $5 and it reminds me of vintage tinsel. I knew that it would be the perfect backdrop for my ornaments. It’s nicely constructed and SO cheap. They have other metallic color ways as well!

I had a really nice time collecting these vintage ornaments at different antique stores with my mom! If you are local, I would check out Medina Antique Mall, Sweet Lorain, Long Long Ago Antiques, and Jameson Homestead Antiques. The pink bottle brush trees came in a pack from Pat Catan’s for $1.99 in a mix of sizes. So cute! I figured since the wreath was so heavy with red tones, I would need something to break it up, and you know that around here, there is no such thing as too much pink.

Lay out all of your ornaments to see exactly where you would like for them to go. I rearranged a couple of times to get a balance of color and sizes.

Don’t mind the empty shelf on the built in behind me! That is usually where I have some baskets to hide dog toys in, but I clear it out at Christmas time to make a display of all of my favorite vintage decorations. I have been collecting them since high school! Anyway, I went back and forth on if I should use fishing line or hot glue for the ornaments. I think that both would work really well, but I ended up going with a hot glue gun to be sure that all of the pieces stayed EXACTLY where I wanted them to go since it was a tight fit. I figure that I can always cut them off and replace them if I want to use the ornaments for something else!

There you have it! Easy as could be. I decided to leave some negative space so that I can add in the years to come if I want to, but for now I like the fluffy look behind the ornaments. I have never loved a wreath more than I love this one! If you use these quick tips, tag us in the photo of your completed vintage ornament wreath so that we can see the final product! Happy crafting, y’all!

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