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Like most people in my age group (and especially since I am a graphic designer and spend so much of my day staring down at a screen) who work on computers so much of the day, I have been struggling with a lot of upper back and neck pain. 

I'll admit, it's easy for me to get sucked into a project and focus so intently that I don't realize that I'm sitting on my legs long after they've "gone to sleep" or that I'm craning my neck until my neck muscles are in spasm. 

I've been trying to make it a point to get up and do a few of these simple stretches throughout my work day in an effort to combat some of the not so pleasant effects of my sedentary line of work. 


My favorite yoga pose to do the stretch out my lower back and up my spine is up-dog. Putting my head back and looking up to the sky to stretch out my neck feels amazing.


Down Dog + One Leg Up


I'm getting real technical with these terms guys. I don't know if you can tell what a professional yogi I am (sarcasm clearly...) Sometimes I'm not even sure if what I am doing is a true pose but it doesn't even matter. I just do what feels good to my body. Going from downward dog and then putting one leg in the air and letting it slowly fall to the opposite side of my body feels heavenly on my hips after a long day of sitting at my computer. 


Forward Fold

Now this baby...THIS is my favorite pose. Any chance I get to just fold my body forward I take it. It is the first thing I do every time I get in the shower after I get wet, I fold forward after doing dishes. It just feels so great on my body to stretch the back of my legs out and stretch my shoulders by letting my arms fold backwards. 


Jaw Stretches

The other thing I make a point to do, when I take a break from my desk and computer work, is to open my mouth wide and stretch out my jaw. I subconsciously hold so much stress and pressure in my jaw when I work and find myself clenching my teeth without realizing it. It is amazing how much less tension I feel throughout my body just from loosening my jaw. 


These few stretches instantly make me feel better after working hard and allow me a much needed break from screen time before I start back on a project. 


What are your tips to combat the sedentary, computer work soreness after a long day of work? Let me know in the comments below! 

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