Ohio Voting Information and Resources

Now more than ever we all have to rally together, get out and vote. Not only are the issues in today’s America going to affect us, but they are going to affect our children as well. Make sure your voice is heard and get out and VOTE TODAY.

Voting Resources for Ohio Residents

  • Use this link to check your voter registration and polling location information.

  • Make sure you bring your ID with you to the polls! But if you don’t have that available you can use the following alternative forms of identification: “Acceptable forms include: an unexpired Ohio driver's license or state ID card; a military ID; a photo ID issued by the US government or the State of Ohio, that contains your name and current address and that has an expiration date that has not passed; or a current utility bill (within the last 12 months), bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document (other than a notice of voter registration mailed by a board of elections) that shows your name and current address.” (via Gettothepolls.com)

  • I personally am a Democrat and will be out voting to support the Ohio Democrats on the ballot. I went to ohiodems.com and used their sample ballot to see who I am going to be voting for. You enter your address and phone number and it will provide the list of democrats running for your location. I encourage you to do the same so you are informed about who to support for your party when voting.

Whatever you do, and whoever you vote for, GET OUT AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. There are too many important issues right now to cast a blind eye and pretend like it isn’t happening.

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