Valentine's Cards

I know that I love a good greeting card any time of the year. There are so many wonderful companies that are making valentines this year, that I thought I should share some of my favorites. Click any image to be taken to its source - all of these wonderful small businesses have a variety of styles to choose from! Skip the cheesy big box store card and let’s celebrate love!

My wonderful friends over at Valley Cruise Press are always doing the most. They are so creative and hardworking, and just two beautiful people all around. They have awesome cards that celebrate love (among other things!) that come with an enamel pin. The best part is, they are magnetic, so you can still send them in the mail!

This is the kind of card I would send Walter. And he would tell me that I had lost my mind. But also, that if I brought home 500 puppies, we would keep them all. He’s even more of a softie with Gus than I am.

Lucky Horse Press has some of my absolute favorite designs out there. They are all so 70’s inspired and just plain FUN. It was hard to choose one of their cards from the love section to even represent how great they are for this post!

Ash + Chess has some really great cards - and ones that specifically made for queer relationships! So great.

Free Period Press is a local company that makes the COOLEST stuff. They have a lot of organizational tools, and just all around spread joy. A+ for this healthy relationship card!

Triple Threat Press is another wonderful local company that we will be doing something exciting with right here on the blog…So stay tuned!

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