TRAVEL GUIDE: Pittsburgh

Inspired by Walter and my dip over to Pittsburgh for his sister’s graduation, I decided to make a Travel Guide for the city! Pittsburgh has plenty going on that the two hour drive makes it perfect for a quick day trip. We didn’t get to do much sightseeing this time around, but I included some things that I have loved about the city from previous visits. Check it out!


Check out the Mattress Factory! They have two beautiful Kusama pieces, THREE installations by James Turrell, and an incredibly fun installation by OSGEMEOS, among many others! Their focus is contemporary art, and the pieces that they have are so incredible. I once saw a Tony Oursler installation here that was so beautiful that it brought me to tears!

Another great art museum in Pitt is the Andy Warhol Museum. I am not insane over Warhol’s work (don’t hate me!), but there are plenty of other artists exhibited here to expand the niche.

I have been posting pictures here for the past couple of days, but photo’s can’t do it justice. Randyland is an outdoor installation that continues to grow and change. Guys, THE COLORS! This isn’t even all of it. All of the pieces are handprinted or found objects. This photo only shows a portion of it. Rainbow paradise!


Have breakfast at Pamela’s P&G Diner! Super cute retro vibe and the pancakes and potatoes are TO DIE FOR! Expect a wait when you walk in, but things move pretty fast.

Vandal is a trendy spot in town that is SO adorable. I mean, look at it! Food is all seasonal and the menu is super fun.


Bob’s Garage is the next most insane and colorful place in Pittsburgh next to Randyland. They go ALL OUT for decorating for the season. Shown above is Christmas, spring/summer has more of a tiki vibe. So many lights and tchotchkes that if you’re anything like me you’ll go WILD!

Another fun dive (my favorite kind of bar!) is Tina’s. Tina’s has pool, karaoke, cheap beers, and an elevated retro decor. Super cute and reasonable. Grab a Negroni slushy!


GUYS. You can see the entire Land of Make Believe and the puppets of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood at the Heinz History Center. Swoon! I can barely talk about Mr. Rogers and how important he was to my childhood without crying. Such a fun dive into that nostalgia.

Phipps Conservatory is a jaw dropping Victorian era greenhouse that was donated to the city of Pittsburgh. I am such a sucker for conservatories and gardens, and this is one of the more beautiful ones that I have ever seen. A Pittsburgh must-see.

Got a kid who is super into trains? Or do you just like weird attractions? I know that I sure do. Pittsburgh has two of the only functioning funiculars in the entire country. Cause how often do you see a train ascend up an insanely steep hill?

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