Walter and I got married in Las Vegas and had the absolute BEST time there. It is one of my favorite places! Neither of us are big drinkers or gamblers, so we had some research to do as to how else we could spend our time. We ended up doing a lot of really neat things! Of course, go see a show (we saw Britney Spears!), of course eat some of the fantastic food around town, and of course lay around by the elaborate pools. Of course, do Fremont Street, go up in the High Roller ferris wheel, and maybe even check out a dispensary if you feel so inclined. But Vegas doesn’t have to be all booze and staring at the lights of the slot machines! Here’s a list of some of the really interesting things to do besides the hustle and bustle of the strip!


First of all, choosing a hotel is SO much fun. We chose The Mirage based on photos, and it ended up being our favorite after we walked the strip and checked out the other hotels in person! They have a volcano show out front, and the entire premises, including the lobby, is meant to look like a jungle. It’s unreal. Such classic Vegas decadence! The pool was amazing, with tons of coves and waterfalls. It really seemed like you were on a tropical island in the middle of Nevada. I think that we will always stay here when we go!

My favorite place in Vegas is the Neon Museum (AKA the Neon Boneyard). The signs of old Vegas have been moved here onto acres of land outside of the strip. You take a guided tour (photography is encouraged) through the Boneyard and learn about the history of the signs and their designs. Typography! Color! Design! Walter and I were in absolute heaven. We went at dusk, so that as the tour was going on, the signs lit up. It was absolutely magical.

Ethel M’s is a famous chocolatier in Las Vegas. They also have a gigantic cactus garden that you can walk through. It is really nice to find these pockets of greenery in the middle of a flat desert. You can find almost anything in this city, I swear.

GET RESERVATIONS TO SEE JAMES TURRELL’S AKHOB. I mean, c’mon. Just look at this photo.

Check out this paranormal museum! There is a giant collection of paranormal items in the museum, and the building itself is a home that is purportedly haunted. I love stuff like this.

Tournament of Kings is like a Medieval Times style attraction at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. Totally dorky and fun. You get a three course meal (that you eat with your hands, as was custom of the time) and watch a tournament.


Minus5 Ice Bar is the only pricey bar that I am going to put on this list, because they are literally everywhere. There is no place in Vegas that you can’t go in and get a drink, and it’s all over the top and expensive. THIS PLACE, however, is worth the steep admission and drink price. It is a bar made entirely of ice. Everything. Even the glasses. You receive a parka before you enter, or you can pay extra and get a fur coat *nail painting emoji*. You sit on fur pelts, so you aren’t stuck on pure ice, but holy mackerel, is it cool in there. Pun intended.

Frankie’s Tiki Room is a classic tiki bar, and if you read this blog - you know that Walter and I LOVE tiki bars!!

Dino’s is a fun little dive where you can do KARAOKE! Another favorite of ours. Walter is the BEST karaoke performer. If it was a profession, he would be famous for it. He engages the crowd and picks the worst songs that everyone loves, it’s always the best time.

The oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. Seriously. Their liquor license number is #00001.

Pioneer Saloon was built in 1913, just outside of Las Vegas. It’s entirely pressed tin on the inside, and many westerns have been shot there. SO COOL! I was OBSESSED with the Old West as a kid, so this place is kind of a dream come true.


We rented a car and took a road trip outside of Vegas. Everyone knows that you can drive to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, but check out this view of the Valley of Fire!

And this view at Death Valley!


Take a hot air balloon ride at sunset over the desert! You get treated to a glass of champagne when you land.

Yep, this is an actual amusement park in Vegas. Where you mess around with heavy construction machinery. Only in Vegas.

Just had to throw this one in there. Walter and I planned to get married in Vegas ahead of time, but if the mood suddenly strikes you…This is the chapel where we got married: The Little White Wedding Chapel! This portion pictured is their drive-thru wedding tunnel, where you are driven in a pink cadillac and have your ceremony at a window just like a fast food restaurant. It’s where Britney Spears (among other celebrities) had her wedding with her hometown sweetheart, too! So, it’s kind of like a little piece of history!

There you have it! Viva Las Vegas!

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