Self Care Guide

Here are some of the ways that I indulge in some serious self care! Because we all need to take care of ourselves before we can perform at our best. Pick one, or all, of these things and TREAT YOURSELF. You’re worth it!

Tony’s Chocolonely is my new favorite chocolate bar. They have such fun flavors, the packaging is amazing, and they are doing important work toward eliminating slave labor in the cocoa industry. WIN, WIN, WIN! Here in Cleveland, you can find it at Nature’s Oasis in Lakewood.

I have put this toy on my Friday Faves before, but let me tell you: it’s a game changer. It is such a great anxiety tool and it absolutely beautifully crafted. Do yourself a favor and get one!

Head to Flower Power Skin Studio and get a facial or some all natural products to relax you. Bath soaks, face masks, special mists…the possibilities are endless and the staff is so helpful!

Grab a friend and head over to Flight in Ohio City. Try some delicious wines in a beautiful atmosphere, and then grab a bottle on the way out for home!

Do some vintage shopping! We love Sweet Lorain, Flower Child, Vintage Fashion Cle, Future No Future, and West of Venus locally. We also love Volunteers of America for thrifting. It’s the best. If you don’t want to leave the house try Whurl, Depop, or good ol’ Etsy.

Get a cathartic cry out and then feel empowered once you watch Aidy Bryant in Shrill on Hulu, if you haven’t already. Walter and I watched the entire series through twice in two days. Obsessed!

Grab our favorite CBD oil - and don’t forget to use our special coupon for 15% off at checkout with the code RRGRACEFUL15! Valid through 4/1, so you still have time!

This one is super bizarre. I didn’t know what to use as the graphic even. Their sign is very unassuming, as is the decor inside, and I certainly was not going to post a stock image of foot treatments. I am not a freak. Keep your feet off of the internet unless you’re getting PAID, people. And if you are, hell yeah. Get that bag. Anyway, Hawaiian Foot Spa is on Center Ridge Road in Rocky River and offers reasonably priced reflexology foot massages. Just trust me. It will change you!

Take care of you, babes!

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