RECIPE: Kin Social Tonic Cocktail

I often times want to feel relaxed after a long work week, but alcohol sometimes takes such a toll on my body. Depending on the day, even just one cocktail can make me tired, anxious, and foggy. Enter Kin Social Tonic. This is a drink that was developed that contains zero alcohol, makes you feel as though you have had a cocktail, and leaves your body with no side effects. The feeling lasts for a couple of hours, so it’s perfect for me to pour up after dinner and then go to bed a few hours later. It definitely has a distinct taste, so I have been playing around with recipes for mocktails. Here is one that I have found to be absolutely delicious.


  • 2 oz Kin Social Tonic

  • 4 oz blueberry pomegranate Pom

  • 1 oz blueberry New York Seltzer

Garnish with a slice of cucumber of a sprig of fresh mint and enjoy!

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