Online Vintage Shopping Guide

I have been absolutely obsessed with vintage shopping online since I have been pregnant. One of my favorite things to do, when I am not feeling like I am on a constant roller coaster of nausea, is to go thrifting and hit up our local vintage stores to get inspiration. It has been tough during my pregnancy to not have that outlet, and I feel like my creativity has suffered quite a bit! I have been doing a lot more scrolling on Etsy (trying DESPERATELY not to buy baby clothes until I am further along) and have built a relationship with a few shops that I really enjoy. I have given myself a weekly budget of $30 MAX, and have allowed this to be my “fun budget” part of my paycheck to indulge in some little vintage goods. I feel as though it’s important to do something for myself, since I haven’t really been able to go out and about. These are all people who I have purchased from and have had a wonderful experience with. Click on the photo to be taken to their Etsy page to see more!

Crystal of Spaced Out Mama is my absolute favorite. I have ordered a handful of times from her, and have had the pleasure of connecting with her over Instagram as well. She is so sweet and is really easy to deal with. She ships out of Ohio, so I always receive my goodies from her super fast! She has such an amazing eye and a beautiful collection. Check out her stuff, I promise you that your jaw will drop.

I bought some placemats from Freakshow and am tempted to keep dipping into the pot to buy out their inventory. SO GOOD!

Just look at this dress!! Glam It to Hell’s collection is so fantastic. Why can’t all vintage shops carry maternity clothes!?

Lois and Jack is a place that I am constantly checking to see if they have any new home decor pieces. They are typically 70s focused and so fun! They have all sorts of items in their shop.

Bad Mood has such fun home items as well! They also offer some apparel and personal accessories, so there is a lot of variation in their shop. I am such a sucker for 70s vibes and prints, so I am so glad to have stumbled upon them!

Let us know if you have any favorite Etsy vintage shops. Believe me, I need a way to kill the time from my couch!

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