Inspiration: Vintage Kids

We all know of our love for vintage at OSG. Walter and my baby’s lifestyle is going to be no exception!

I have been following some accounts on Instagram that I thought might also be of interest if our fellow moms (and aunt's, grandmas, caregivers, friends-of-the-family alike!) are inclined to give your kids a vintage life rich in design. The best part about it? Buying secondhand is good for the environment and the community. Score!

Click the image to be taken to its source. All images are from the linked source’s own Instagram page!

GAH! Aren’t Erin’s daughters absolutely adorable!? She has the best taste, hands down. Linked above is her Etsy store, Frenzy Finds and you can follow along for outfit inspo at frenzyvintage on Instagram! She’s local to Cleveland and an absolute sweetie to boot!

Walter and I are obsessed with looking at Rocky’s outfits on Miss Amelia Hart’s Instagram. Not only is she an ICON herself, but her son is following right in her footsteps. I love that she plays with color and pattern in dressing a boy. So many little boys get such boring outfits, but not Rocky! He’s no stranger to florals and bright, vibrant color. It is our goal with Percy to dress them in whatever we think is cute, regardless of sex. We find out next week, by the way!

As you all know, I am in love with 1970s design. Mint Karla is the absolute perfect page for all of that! Also, some links to businesses that I would have never thought to even search for on my own. These children’s wooden shoes, for example!

Danielle Plester’s son Freddie is another big time GOAL. Fringe jacket? Rainbow shoes? Neon hat? Can I borrow this outfit, Freddie?

Laguna Vintage is a really cool Instagram that showcases artwork from vintage books. They are great for color inspiration, admiring a ton of different vintage illustration styles, and for finding books that you might want to look out for in your own vintage shopping.

Moms, let’s band together and make the world a place that is rich in design and low in waste! Together, we can make a huge difference!

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