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My love for Costco runs deep. The samples, the endless organic options, the samples, the carts with two seats ...did I mention samples? Anything to entertain my 3 year old and 1 year old while I shop. Samples usually do the trick. 

We usually hit up Costco every single week for staples for our family and below are my top 8 healthy finds. 

1) Organic Eggs

With two little scrambled egg obsessed babies, we go through A LOT of eggs. Like, enough eggs that I am seriously considering raising chickens. These 2 dozen eggs are a weekly staple for us because, yes, we do go through 2 dozen eggs a week. 

2) Avocados

These avocados are HANDS DOWN the best avocados I have ever eaten. And they are consistently that good. I don't know why but they are so much smoother, less stringy and last longer than any avocados I have purchased elsewhere. Because they tend to all ripen at the same time, the second they are ripe I stick them in the fridge and they will stay perfectly ripe for about a week. 

3) Organic Bananas

Another thing we go through very quickly in our house is bananas. This 3 lb bunch of organic bananas was only $1.99. You can't beat that! My youngest usually eats a banana every day on our morning walk but if they are ripening too quickly I will freeze a couple to add to my smoothies. 

4) Erie Island Coffee

This is our absolute favorite brand of coffee. We buy the whole beans and grind them in the morning in our burr grinder (post coming later on my morning Chemex coffee).

5) Dave's Killer Organic Bread

We don't buy bread every week at Costco but I love that they have a range of organic options and almost all of them come in 2 packs so you can freeze one loaf to use later. Perfect PBJ bread - Grace and Violet approved. 

6) GTS Kombucha

This week they had GTS Kombucha on sale at Costco - $8.99 for a 6 pack! GTS is my favorite brand of kombucha and the Gingerade flavor is delicious. Score!

7) Simple Mills Crackers

I have a real cheese and cracker addiction but gluten tends to upset my stomach. These Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers are delicious and don't upset my stomach - win, win!

8) Jones Dairy Farm Chicken Sausage

I found these when my husband and I were doing Whole30 and weren't eating any sugar and we fell in love. These are so delicious, quick and easy. The kids love them and I love that they only take 1 ½ minutes to cook from frozen. I will make a few of them and cut them up into small pieces to put in my muffin tin egg cups.

Of course I had to end my Costco trip with a hot dog, because life is all about balance right?

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