FRIDAY FAVES: 5/3/2019

Hey everybody! I’m going to go ahead and be honest: I need a break from the world. Do you ever keep saying yes to projects, even though you’re already overloaded? I feel like this is the tagline of both Caroline and my lives. I feel like a chewed up piece of bubblegum.

That being said, there are some things that have brought me some serious joy this week. I love seeing the things that people create, it always makes me smile. Click the image to be taken to its source to check it out for yourself further. Happy Weekend! Have a cocktail for me - PLEASE!


I have wanted a pair of wooden shoes for as long as I can remember. They are just so expensive, which I know is a direct result of the fact that you will literally wear them forever and they are of quality to invest in. Maybe I can ask Walter for these as a push present? The yellow screams Ally.

How cute is this lil garlic keeper? I am going crazy buying tiny little things for the new house, even though I really should be going crazy buying baby things. I just have never had a WHOLE house to myself before! I can’t wait for Walter and I to make it completely our kooky eclectic style.

This is the best sketch show, hands down. It’s so funny. Tim Robinson (Detroiters, SNL) is absolutely incredible at writing and acting. So many fun guest appearances. 12831892/10. Walter and I have watched it through three times. I throw it on in the background while I work from home. Just phenomenal.

Rachel Burke makes these amazing pieces and works primarily with tinsel. All of her things are so beautiful and colorful, it makes me feel all kinds of ways inside! Her pieces go to people like Miley Cyrus, so I will probably never be cool enough to own something by her, but oh my gosh. Even just creeping on her Instagram makes me so happy.

In this baby’s never-ending quest to have me eat only Italian food, I have been craving cassata cake all of the time recently. This is not a new fave or anything, but it is making an appearance in my life far more than normal, so it makes the list!


Video via Lume

I saw this video on Facebook and normally I would keep scrolling for a sponsored post but this caught my eye. I was legitimately cracking up at this ad and also so intrigued. I read through some of the comments and reviews and people seem genuinely impressed with this natural “everywhere” deodorant. Sooo…cue me immediately buying 3 tubes of it.

I was on my phone the other day and came across the iTunes U app. I’ve seen it before. I had no clue what it was - I think I thought it was like Podcasts for college students…? Or like college radio stations? I don’t know.

For whatever reason I was inclined to click on it. GUYS. It’s free college classes. Why did no one tell me?? I started this one on How to Start a Startup and it is all video recordings from actual classes at Stanford. It was so interesting and had Dustin Moskovitz as a guest speaker. I can’t wait to watch more. I think maybe I just miss school a lot? Going back to college is on my bucket list. Or just some adult education courses. I just love learning.

** "Did Caroline really just put Susan B Anthony as one of her Friday Faves…” **

You bet your sweet ass I did. I was reading about Susan B Anthony the other night (not sure how I got to the point that I was full on researching her life like I had a research paper due the next day but hey, it happened) and came across this site with a list of her most famous quotes. Just give it a read. What an absolutely incredible human she was.

I made myself a little midday mocktail this afternoon and included this Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Cordial. I originally purchased it 80% because of the packaging and 20% because of the flavor. But DAMN it is good. 10/10 will purchase again.

Ending this on a weird note guys but just stick with me. YES I am including an antimicrobial wound gel in my Friday Faves. I’M REALLY COOL, OK? WOUND CARE IS THE NEW BLACK.

Anyways, I had a cut on my finger that was taking forever to heal and putting a real damper on my drawing. My husband brought some of this home from work (podiatry perk?) and gave it to me. I put some on my cut with a bandaid before bed and no joke that sucker looked like 50% more healed by the NEXT morning.

SOOO I’m going to put it out there and say we should all end the Neosporine monopoly and start investing in some Silvasorb. WHO’S WITH ME?!

Ok. Clearly I am too tired and starting to ramble. Have a good weekend babes! DM us if anything exceptionally exciting is going on in the Cleveland area that we should make time for!

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