FRIDAY FAVES: 5/24/2019

Hey, y’all! I am so excited that it’s a holiday weekend, even though I am a fool and signed up to work every day at my day job and then have six hours of one of my jobs from home scheduled so really, I will be lucky if I find time to eat some ribs. Which, I will. Because it’s the Berea Rib Cook Off this weekend at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds and it’s the best!!!! I am a rib burn off psycho. I go every year, I know whose ribs I like, I’m a nut for it.

I hope that you have something fun and relaxing and exciting planned for the long weekend. Here are some things that are making us happy this week!


I WANT THIS PEE-WEE SWEATSHIRT FOR PERCY. It’s $335, so that’s pretty much the biggest no, but look at how cool! It brings me joy just to look at it. Walter and I are both enormous Pee-Wee fans and can’t wait to get our kid into him as well. I already bought them a Pee-Wee raincoat!

For date night last night, we went and saw Detective Pikachu. Don’t be a hater. It’s wholesome, it’s fun, look at how adorable Pikachu is!!! Truly, they didn’t have to make this movie remotely good because everyone would see it anyway since it’s Pokemon, but they went HARD. It was so magical and cute that I literally cried through, like, 80% of it. Off the charts good.

LET’S FREAKIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOO. These gummies are everything that I have been looking for in a candy. A Gusher-like center? The vibrant taste of Sunny D?! Hats off to the makers of these.

Okay, originally I had HBO’s Chernobyl on this list because it’s fascinating, but then I watched this Bash Brothers thing by the Lonely Island on Netflix and so it got replaced, because it felt kind of icky to have something as heavy and serious as Chernobyl come after Sunny D gummies. I’m a child, let me live. Walter and I are going with our friend Bob to Detroit to see the Lonely Island live in June - something we all went out to San Francisco to do last year. I am so excited! Such a fun babymoon.

…And on that note, here is another dumb thing that I think about in my dumb brain. I am getting a mini van soon (it’s hand-me-down with no car payment, but does make me feel like a mommy mom~ which makes me feel ungrateful and terrible) so Walter keeps suggesting things to make it more fun for me. Magnetic flame decals? One of those horrible rear window decals hillbillies put on their trucks? I think I am going to start with a good old fashioned pair of pink fuzzy dice. Cause if you are Ally and Walter, you do it up big, cheesy, and gaudy.


I am 5 years too late on the Serial bandwagon but MAN I am hooked. I will admit, I am usually not a big podcast listener. Not because I don’t love them. But because I just don’t have the opportunity often. With two toddlers the time I can be listening to something on my headphones is about…0%. But I have been trying to find time after bedtime and when I am in my office working to listen to Serial and it is so interesting to me.

We are in the market for a new every day, non-stick frying pan for our daily scrambled eggs. I found this one from Great Jones and I love how it looks but also love that it is coated with “with a German ceramic coating that’s healthy for both you and planet Earth (read: no bad chemicals).” (via Great Jones).

Sidenote: THEIR LOGO ah I love it!

I am all about baseball hats in the summer and love this one from The Wing. Except, since it is 9:00pm and I am back in my office working, “casual” should probably say “psychotic”.

Another one from The Wing. The last thing I need is another tote bag but damn I love this one.

For SURE don’t need a $125 jug. Butttt…it’s pink. And the shape. Just love it so much.

That is all for this week! We hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing 3 day weekend! Check back next week for more.

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