FRIDAY FAVES: 2/15/2019

AYYYYYYY! Happy Friday! What a whirlwind week Caroline and I have had. I am excited to just be able to relax this weekend. Well, I really want to take a mini road trip with Walter on Saturday. We will see. I hope that you all enjoyed your Galentine’s and Valentine’s Days. Here are some things that we are loving this week. As always, click the image to be taken to its source. Love you, babes!


I exclusively wear Ariana Grande’s perfumes, not because I’m a psycho stan (she’s cool - no shade!), but because they smell so fantastic. Cloud is her latest, and I have been meaning to try it. So, I used my Ulta gift card that my mom got me for my birthday and indulged. LOVE. I would check out all of her fragrances, though! I always get compliments on them. Thanks, Ari!

I got my first real sake set! No more drinking sake out of shot glasses for me! It’s super cute, even though this photo is trash. Step ya game up, Amazon! They’re so cute that I even let Caroline’s daughter Grace have one (filled with coconut water, of course) to be one of the girls. Maybe next year Violet can join, too.

Yes, henny. RuPaul’s podcast is so much fun. I wish that I was related to him somehow. Or he was my godfather. Or just my friend. He has such a wonderful outlook on life, and he asks such interesting questions of his guests.

Pen15 on Hulu is my new favorite show. It is about Maya and Anna, two best friends entering 7th grade and working together to tackle everything that comes along with that. I can’t believe that two grown women are still so in touch with all of those middle school emotions that they are able to write the show this brilliantly. This show could be about awkward and annoying preteens, and instead it is a beautiful insight into the emotions we went through at that age, and the power of friendship. They’re both so charming, you’re really rooting for them. You won’t believe how many times you will go “oh my gosh, I completely forgot that feeling, but I totally had it - and they nailed it.”

I have been introducing CBD into my life regularly, and I really think that it is making such a difference with both my sleep and my anxiety. I’m blown away. These delicious (vegan!!) gummies are my favorite CBD product that I have tried so far. I signed up for a monthly subscription, and a portion of all of their proceeds to go helping POC who are awaiting trial for weed charges, but cannot afford bail. The war on drugs needs to end, y’all. We are damaging people for life. I’m glad that this company’s heart is in the right place, and I love supporting that cause with them!


I absolutely love this Wellness Planner from! It is such a cool, vintage vibe! It’s filled with amazing artwork, tools, advice and stickers.

My husband and I were reminiscing about songs we listened to when we first started dating and we completely forgot about this hit from Regina Spektor.

I have been using this Moroccanoil Treatment for a few years now and it is probably my favorite thing for my hair when it is a little drier in the winter. It also smells absolutely incredible. This evening I found a little bonus use for it - detangler for my 4 year old!

I started this series on Netflix hosted by Will Smith that features astronauts perspective on Earth from space and it is SO fascinating. It makes you feel so small when you really think about the wonders of our planet.

I purchased this pill holder for my keychain before my trip to Florida and it has been amazing because I forget to take my medication before I leave the house more times than I care to admit.

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for more!

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