FRIDAY FAVES: 12/21/2018

Happy Friday, loves! Caroline and I have both been so busy that we have kind of put the blog on the back burner for the past couple of weeks, but we are back and ready to get into it. I will start with an edition of Friday Faves to ease back in! Have a great weekend, hopefully you are eating a TON of Christmas cookies and washing it down with a glass of wine. That’s how I plan on spending my weekend!


I decided for this week’s Faves, I would post some things that I have been looking to collect/started collecting for our home! Caroline and I were thrift store junkies when we were younger, then I entered a really minimalist phase where I got rid of almost everything I owned before Walter and I moved into the house we are living in now. I think that I am ready to start a few curated collections! The key is to not just go overboard like I did when I was younger! Seriously. We were borderline hoarders.

I have been really into hobbyist paintings and vintage paint by number paintings. While I deeply appreciate fine art and have studied it at length, I always love hobbyist paintings so much. I have already ordered a few, as well as a few paint by numbers, and have plenty more in my Etsy cart. I want to make a whole gallery wall of them.

Meet the Napco Miss Cutie Pie cookie jar! I have been looking for a cookie jar that I really, really love for our counter. There are SO many adorable designs and they are typically pretty pricey. As soon as I saw Miss Cutie Pie, I fell in love!

I am OBSESSED with Kit Cat Clocks! Walter talks about them all of the time, and is completely in love with them, too. They come in all sorts of fun colors - my favorite is called Serenity Blue and is a light powder blue. So adorable!

I love the classic McCoy smiley mugs! As I have said before, I have such a crazy mug collection and Walter doesn’t even drink coffee - so justifying spending $25+ on one of these babies is a little crazy. I think I can make an exception, though. I’ve wanted one for too long.

Hazel Atlas (P.S. what an AMAZING name) has some of the cutest glassware that I have ever seen. My mom collects vintage glassware, so we always had different sets for different occasions. She has some beautiful frosted carousel animal ones that I have had my eye on for years. These elephants are just so darn cute!

There you have it! TGIF, babes!

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