FRIDAY FAVES: 11/23/2018

Happy Black Friday, shoppers!! Who is shopping today? I honestly applaud you if you are, I have never once attempted to go. I would probably need a bucket of Kava tea to manage! Here are our Friday Faves - as always, click an image to be taken to its source. Hoping that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Let the Christmas season commence!


Okay, maybe this is super corny, but I love switching out the candles in my house to be seasonally appropriate. Since I’m not crazy about candles that are scented like food or artificial pine, I often have a hard time with a Christmas candle. THIS CANDLE, though. Oh my gosh, it’s so warm and inviting and clean. It’s only $10 at Target and I might honestly run back and buy, like, five more.

Well, here’s a print with everything in it that I could possibly want! Rainbow? Check. Cacti? Check. 70’s vibe? Check. It would be an adorable addition to my dining room! Ash and Chess are described as a “lesbian power couple” and I would have to agree. They have such impeccable taste and are so talented!

Made Au Gold has some of the best stuff. Any one of their tees could have been on this list, but I didn’t want to do too many tees on one edition of Faves. Made Au Gold is woman owned and operated by Lea down in (be still my heart) Nashville.

My hair has been doing some weird stuff with the weather changes. Sun Bum has proven to be such a great cure for my dried out ends and oily scalp. Plus, THE SMELL. Oh my god, I love that banana suntan smell (As a girl that never tans, I am always coating myself in Sun Bum lotion for protection!) that you have come to love from their sunscreens. So delicious, you could put it in a blender and serve it with a tiny umbrella. Actually, don’t do that. But you get what I mean.

Luella is woman owned and operated by founder Caroline Kolbe. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE QUEEN. She is such fashion inspo, and a fellow badass redhead and Dolly Parton lover. Her personal Instagram is one of my absolute favorites. I already have the Sisterhood is Powerful ringer tee, but I love this color way, so I might just have to invest in yet another for a seasonal switch!


Ok this first one is going to sound a little odd but stick with me on it. I was at Aldi recently and came across one of these candles (but in mercury glass silver style) for $7.99 and I thought I would give it a try. It is the BEST candle I have ever purchased. The scent I got is Huntington Home Fir and Firewood and it seriously smells incredible and is so strong. AND it is burning so slow. I have had it lit almost every day for a week and its barely made a dent. I am not sure how long they will have them since their seasonal stuff switches weekly so if you are in there before Wednesday - PICK YOURSELF UP ONE!

I have had such a new found respect for Lady Gaga since I saw A Star is Born, so I decided to give her Netflix documentary a watch. WOW. This woman is a POWERHOUSE. She suffers from fibromyalgia after breaking her hip a few years ago and is in excruciating pain most of the time and will go from sobbing her eyes out being worked on by her physical therapist to busting her ass on stage. She’s constantly bouncing from meeting to show to appearance and just looks absolutely drained. I honestly don’t know how she is functioning. All while battling her demons and insecurities about if her fans will still love her now that she is stripped down to her own appearance and not hiding behind over the top, avant garde fashion. All in all, it was great. Two thumbs up.

Ally gifted me this amazing lotion last year and I am still using the same tube! A little goes a LONG way. It is hands down the best lotion for dry hands that I have ever used. Not greasy at all and soaks in right away. Perfect for my perpetually cracked and bleeding knuckles in the winter.

I know I am so late (which is ironic since I am a photographer and have been doing Holiday Mini sessions for other families for over a month now), but I am just starting to look at holiday cards to order. I found these on Minted and love the floral pattern on them. I kind of wish this was wallpaper that I could have in my home.

Trying to embrace this season where going outside isn’t always going to be an option. How good does this book sound with cozy ideas to make, craft and cook?

That’s all for this week! We hope you all had a great holiday and have a relaxing weekend! See you next week!

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