FRIDAY FAVES: 11/16/2018

Happy Friday, everyone! We had a big week over here and are SO thankful for all of you that are following along with us. It’s also officially winter weather here in Cleveland and I am already done with it. Here are some of our favorite things this week - click the picture to be taken to its source! TGIF, baby!


Jill Makes has such amazing acrylic work! She does jewelry and keychains and they are all so beautiful. Just look at the colors on these keychains! Obsessed.

BIG NEWS: Walter and I are finally getting a new bed! Walter is crazy tall and his legs hang off of the bottom of the full sized bed that we have been sharing for years. It is such a huge amount of money to spend, but it’s just necessary at this point. I have been having so much fun looking at headboards and bedding! I am ready to change the entire vibe of our bedroom. This peach duvet set is so cute, and would go really well with the jewel toned headboard that I have my eye on!

Attention women who menstruate: I am obsessed with my Lola subscription tampon service. I know that this is not the most exciting thing in the world, but I cannot tell you how thankful I am that tampons are delivered to my door every month. The boxes are customizable as far as how many tampons of each absorbency you need, you can always skip a month with no penalty, and the tampons are 100% organic cotton and biodegradable. Did you know that most tampons are not biodegradable? So many just sitting in landfills. If you are interested in Lola, feel free to DM me for a discount code. We are not sponsored by them or anything, they just have a program where you and your friend get a discount if they sign up based on your referral. I’ve had it for over a year now and I love it.

I am obsessed with these hand painted custom dog ornaments. I want one of Gus, and they would make great little stocking stuffers for all of the dog moms and dads on my list! This is Gus’ first Christmas at home with us, so I would like to get an ornament to commemorate it!

Loving this sweater so much! I love the idea of incorporating more pom poms into my actual clothing and not just my accessories. Moonbeam Apparel has a bunch of really cute retro-inspired pieces.


Our friend Emily over at Casual Contrast posted this shirt the other day on her Holiday Gift Guide and I fell in love. SUCH good retro vibes. It honestly looks almost identical to a crewneck my Mom and her best friend had from Martha’s Vineyard and I LOVED that sweatshirt.

I am constantly searching through artists and illustrators on Instagram and found @sarahalicerabbit recently. All of her illustrations are stunning but I particularly love her use of color in this one. You should definitely check her out!

These don’t need much of a description because C’mon…look at those babies. Crispy cheese and jalapeños? YAASSS PLEASE.

The last thing I need is another jacket but as the weather turns colder I find myself eyeing jackets instinctively. I love the color of this faux fur jacket and it looks so comfortable. I imagine it feeling like wearing a bathrobe in public which I am all about.

I am pretty sure this backpack has been on my faves list before but I am still dying over it. Every couple weeks I find myself on the Atlas Supply Co website trying to pull the trigger to buy one of their versatile backpacks. It seems like the perfect solution for me and my issues with having to constantly change bags between a camera bag, a tote with a laptop sleeve and my diaper bag. I think I have settled on this beautiful color and added my email to be notified when it’s back in stock. Maybe this baby will be mine soon!

Well, that’s it for this week! Now it is off to bed for us! Have a good weekend, babes!

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