FRIDAY FAVES: 1/11/2019

Hey, everyone! First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us reach 1k this week on Instagram! 1k was our goal by 2019, and I thought at the time that it was a lofty one. However, here we are two weeks into January! Dream big and envision your future, things will come to you if you work for them! Have a great weekend, and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new collaborations that we have in the works!


I found these earrings by Roxanne Roxanne Designs while I was doing a deep scroll on Instagram, and just ordered them immediately. I didn’t even check to see how much was in my checking account, that’s how urgent it was. How unbelievably fun are these? I can’t wait until they arrive!

I am picking up this baby tomorrow! I keep teasing Walter that we have a new puppy coming on Saturday. He is a find by my friend Sarah, who runs Rosalie Vintage which sells online and out of West of Venus Vintage among doing a thousand other insanely cool things. Perfect addition to my growing gallery wall.

Kin Social Tonic is basically an alcohol free alcohol experience. I am not crazy about drinking, it’s not something that I do all of the time and I can feel a difference in my body when I have even a glass of wine in my system. That’s where Kin is so incredible! Kin gives you the relaxed feeling of having a cocktail for a couple of hours with no alcohol side effects. It tastes like orange peel and hibiscus. I have been experimenting with some cocktail recipes and came up with a really good one! I have it on the blog here.

Happy! is a really strange show, I’m not going to lie. It is SO cool, though! Very campy. It is based off of a graphic novel where a disgruntled ex-cop (Christopher Meloni…swoon) is sought out by the daughter-he-never-knew-he- had’s imaginary friend (Patton Oswalt) to try to save a group of children that have been kidnapped. A lot of out there stuff happens, and it is such a fun watch. Walter and I finished it in two days. Check out the first season on Netflix.

Bitz Co is a Nashville brand, and we all know my love for all things Nashville. I think I need this tee to tide me over until my next visit. Look at this lettering! Be still my heart!


Emily Roggenburk just announced a new feature in her shop - CUSTOM T-SHIRTS! I saw this yellow ringer tee and immediately knew I needed to own it. Keep your eyes peeled for some pics in my new shirt to see what word(s) I picked for my custom shirt!

I recently discovered Brit + Co’s series, Creative Crushin’, and of course the first article I read had to be the interview with one of my all time creative crushes, Jenny Rainey. She is a beautiful watercolor artist and business coach. Check out her site here.

I am eternally a fan of oversized, soft, comfy sweatshirts and I’m really digging this cactus design by Jenny Lemons.

I’ve heard good things about Maxie McCoy and her focus on motivating women to find their calling. I am in the mood for a new book (to read during what free time…? jk I don’t have any). Thinking this one might be a good choice!

Ally and I are always on the search for fun things we can incorporate into backdrops for photos and staging. I love this list from Brit + Co with a list of 50 of the most beautiful wrapping paper. There is nothing easier than using a fun wrapping paper for a quick backdrop for an Insta pic!

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for some more! And make sure to check back every night for our daily 9:00pm Design Time, where we feature a brand new handlettering/illustration project!

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